Our Great National Parks Season 1 Review – discovering why we need to protect our wilderness and wildlife 

By Romey Norton
Published: April 9, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix docuseries Our Great National Parks


Narrated by former President Obama, join him on a journey across the world’s greatest National parks.

Netflix docuseries Our Great National Parks Season 1 was released on the streaming service on April 13, 2022.

Netflix has released a wonderful five-part docuseries narrated by former President Barack Obama showcasing spectacular National Parks from around the world. We’re taken on fascinating journeys from America, to Africa, to Chile, and more incredible locations across the globe. Each episode is roughly fifty to sixty minutes and each is as stunning as the last. I could have easily watched more episodes. 

I don’t think we will ever get bored of watching a series about the wonders of our planet. The beauty is that we can watch from the comfort of our own homes, and we don’t have to travel to these locations, potentially harming the environment. 

Awe for the African Bush, such breathtaking landscapes, lava, volcanic hills, oasis’, and life-giving rivers, our world can be truly beautiful. 

This docuseries is in response to global warming and the crisis we have across the world. There is a clear message that we have to do more and act now. All these locations we visit are protected as nature needs to recover. It needs to heal, and we need to help it. Animals need safeguarding and safe passage to continue their life and help ours. This political agenda behind the series I hope hits hard with the viewers, as it did with me. Teaching us the value and need of these national parks, and crying out for more. 

Safe to say the photography and cinematography are breathtaking. The classical music heightens the iconic scenes of birds soaring through the air and animals hunting for their next meal. The fly-on-the-wall style shooting really allows us to feel as if we are there with the animals. The shots are so clear, they are cinematic masterpieces to me. Even in the first episode, we watch monkeys take on a journey that would challenge Frodo and Sam going to Mordor. 

Similar series are Our Planet, Blue Planet, Dynasties, and more. This series doesn’t offer anything new when it comes to the format. We learn about the animals who live in the areas, how they mate, hunt, and raise their young. There are dramatic, intense scenes where we see animals having to fight and escape their enemies, and the struggles they face such as droughts, predators, and poachers. These animals have a lot to face to survive. National parks play a huge role in protecting animals and I didn’t realize how much until watching this series. 

It is hard to compete with Sir David Attenborough when it comes to these documentaries but Obama has done a decent job. His soothing yet authoritative voice and personal stories about the locations make this series a delight to watch. Entertaining, informative, and eye-opening, this docuseries is something the whole family should make time to watch. 

What did you think of the Netflix docuseries Our Great National Parks? Comment below.

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