The Turning Point ending explained – will Jack and Ludovico remain BFFs?

April 21, 2022
Kira Comerford 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Turning Point, so will contain major spoilers.

After ripping off a local mob boss, Jack (Andrea Lattanzi) takes refuge inside a nearby apartment complex with resident Ludovico (Brando Pacitto) as his live-in hostage. With Jack unable to leave without an exit strategy, the two are forced to tolerate each other in the hope that they may both make it out of the bizarre situation alive, only for a beautiful friendship to blossom between them.

With Jack acting as his wingman, Ludovico finally plucks up the courage to knock on the door of his neighbor’s apartment. Despite a failed attempt to repair her shower, they arrange a dinner party so that they can all spend some time together getting to know each other, and hopefully give Ludovico the chance to tell his neighbor how he feels about her. 

Netflix film The Turning Point ending explained

With his newfound self-confidence, Ludovico is ready to rock at the dinner party, and with Jack too opening up to the idea of not remaining totally isolated from the rest of humanity forever, it looks set to be a good evening.

After the dinner plates are all cleared away, Ludovico steps out for a bit and heads back to his apartment to grab some bits. This is where the night comes crashing down. The mob boss that Jack stole from which led to him initially having to go into hiding in the first place finally managed to trace him to Ludovico’s. They beat him up, and when Jack later walks in, a big stand-off ensues, followed by a shootout that ends in a pile of bodies — Ludovico being one of them.

After cradling Ludovico in his arms as he died, Jack looks like he might just get out alive, unaware that he too caught a bullet when the action was going down. Although he manages to put some distance between himself and the crime scene, Jack soon meets the end some might say he was always destined to have — alone in the street as another thief comes along to pick at his bones.

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