Crush ending explained – will Paige find out who King Pun is?

April 29, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Crush, which will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller said about Crush, “Cute, but fails to go beyond rom-com cliches that make Crush customary and predictable.”

Hulu’s Crush tells a tale as classic as time. This teen romantic-comedy revolves its story around a high school student, Paige (Snow Piercer’s Rowan Blanchard), trying to get into a prestigious art program, until her future is placed in danger when she is suspended for being the infamous graffiti artist known as King Pun. It doesn’t matter that they have no evidence other than friends speculating on social media that she may be the one. To get out of the predicament, she makes a deal with the Principal (Moonshot‘s Michelle Buteau) to play on the track team for Coach Murray (Aasif Mandvi), and investigate who is the real King Pun. If she cannot find out within a few weeks, she will be suspended.

This may make it look like Paige is a rebel, but she is nothing but a house mouse. Her mother (Megan Mullally) considers herself her daughter’s best friend and is openly accepting of her sexuality. So open, she encourages her to buy a bigger vibrator as she pulls hers out of the dishwasher, freshly cleaned. (What she did was mistake her extensive erase for a sex toy). Paige is openly gay and very comfortable in her skin. And so is most everyone in the school may point to psychosocial identity in today’s youth or look at life with rose-colored glasses. She has a lifelong crush on Gabby (Isabella Ferreria), and she is the other reason she joins the track team. But Coach Murray assigns her twin sister, AJ (Auli’i Cravalho), to help coach her and get her up to speed.

Hulu film Crush ending explained

As rom-com goes, Crush is cute but relatively predictable. After the first act, you know two things almost immediately. One, Paige will develop feelings for AJ over her sister Gabby. Second, it’s the only way the movie would work, and by convention movie law and procedures, AJ has to be the King Pun. And that’s what happens. Even though Paige and Gabby kissed, the moment for years was so built up it had no meaning. However, it did when she kissed AJ on the road for a track meet. AJ and Gabby had an intimate moment the week prior when Paige admitted that she had never been in love or had a first kiss. 
Predictably, Paige finds herself in a love triangle. Gabby never tells AJ she kissed Paige, of course, until after Paige and AJ kiss. Of course, AJ thinks they had their first kiss together. When Paige realizes AJ was King Pun, after comparing the artist’s artwork journal and it appears to be Flyer’s AJ made, she marches into the principal’s office to take the fall. Of course, AJ already beat her to it and admitted her crimes. She is suspended for the rest of the year.
The law of rom-com procedures takes over, as to win AJ back, Paige draws a mural of her happiest moments — all of her with AJ. So, everyone walks away happy.

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