Ozark season 4, part 2 – does Omar Navarro die?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 29, 2022
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Ozark season 4, part 2 - does Omar Navarro die - Netflix series

This article, “does Omar Navarro die,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4, part 2.

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The drug cartel boss is the ultimate villain. Even while in prison, he finds a way to turn the screws and even find ways to have solutions for freedom. At these heights, going to jail is part of the game. Omar Navarro is a survivor with amassed wealth and one of the biggest cartels in the world. He was never going to go away quickly. Unfortunately, his pesky nephew made things hard in the first part of season 4. He wanted freedom so he could spend time with family. He did not desire an older life running a cartel. At the end of part 1, Omar Navarro ends up in prison, with authorities unable to find any value from him.

Ozark season 4, part 2 – does Omar Navarro die?

Yes, he does, but there are two attempts in season 4. While in prison, someone tries to shank him. But Omar does not go down quickly, and he manages to strangle his attacker to death. Omar ends up in a coma from blood loss, but he survives. This causes a predicament for Marty and Wendy. First of all, Marty is running the cartel on behalf of Omar at this point, so he needs to keep it from other members that Omar is in a coma. Secondly, Omar’s sister, Camila, is the one who sent out the hit on the cartel boss, believing he is responsible for her son’s (Javi) death.

Omar Navarro proves that no one and nowhere is safe in Ozark. While he has the power and determination to remain alive, he has to battle off his enemies and family. Wendy and Marty have difficulty ensuring to keep his sister away from meddling even more, but they even find that problematic. The Navarro family is intoxicatingly complex.

And so the second attempt is a successful one. In the final episode of season 4, Camila makes a deal with the FBI — as part of the deal, she becomes the head of the cartel and provides them with intel. She also agrees that Omar will be “transferred,” but it’s implied he will be killed as part of that transition. And it happens. Omar is killed. The man that has helped create all this chaos reaches his demise.

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