Undone season 2, episode 6 recap – “Help Me”

April 29, 2022
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Let “Help Me” help you by sparking your imagination and taking you on a ride that you never quite know where it’s heading.

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Let “Help Me” help you by sparking your imagination and taking you on a ride that you never quite know where it’s heading.

This recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2, episode 6, “Help Me,” contains spoilers.

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Undone season 2, episode 6 recap

The sixth episode of Season 2 of Undone opens with Alma in what appears to be a hydrobath (a bath that psychiatric hospitals often used back in the day that kept patients in continuous baths for those who had insomnia). Case in point, the scene shifts to Alma in her room dancing for hours through the night. When the orderly interrupts her and tells her it is time to eat, she refuses. The orderly does what orderlies do. He grabs her, kicking and screaming to the kitchen.

That is when Alma sees two people. One is Becca, who is walking through the halls. Alma chases her, and the floor and wall begin to crumble around her, revealing space in front of and below her. As she runs away, she finds Geraldine playing the piano. Is Jacob’s mother excited to see her granddaughter? Of course not. She then accuses her of pestering and harassing her (almost keeps peppering her with questions on why she told Camila not to adopt Alejandro). She needs to stop so she can get back to her three boys. When the annoyance continues during the art therapy session, the orderly grabs Alma again and takes her back to her room.

After Alma sees her father Jacob as a child, she begins to play the piano and the theme to the Rainbow song. It turns out that Geraldine heard it in a dream. This warms her up to Alma, and she asks her granddaughter to teach her the music. Suddenly, the portal opens above the piano, and Becca appears. When Alma tries to introduce her to Becca, she becomes frightened and runs away. Alma crawls over the piano and through the portal. She is now back in the present day, and Becca could care less about Alma’s discovery. Becca wants Alma to fix what is going on around her now.

Shifting gears, we now have Jacob asking Camila why she didn’t trust him. Camila tells him how she tried, but he isn’t interested. He points out how that was true, but she could have tried harder. His wife points out that he has never had anything this dark weigh on his chest as it has her. This is when Jacob thinks about driving off that cliff decade prior in an alternate universe. It doesn’t matter. Camila has had enough and tells Jacob that their marriage ended a long time ago if he was being honest.

It’s all about being honest in this episode. Becca pushes Jacob and Alma about what happened between them. Jacob finally tells her that he took his own life and another with him. Becca is shocked, but this pushes her to fix the past with Geraldine. Because if they do, they could save Geraldine and even have Camila adopt Alejandro as a child.

The background between Camila and Geraldine is a fascinating one. They became fast friends. Geraldine related to Camila, both as first-generation immigrants. She sees her young self in Camila. Jacob’s mother became a surrogate mother to Camila. They forged a strong bond. So, Camila reveals she had a young boy that no one knows about and is in an orphanage. Camila asks if she thought Jacob would want to adopt him with her. Speaking about past experiences, Geraldine tells her to embrace her future and forget her past. Essentially, to move on and not adopt Alejandro.

The ending

This is when Jacob, Alma, and Becca begin to change history. Jacob inserts himself into Geraldine’s vision. She knows he is not there. Alma asks Geraldine to tell Camila to adopt her son. She refuses, saying she knows what is best. As Alma and Becca approach, Alma asks her about that piece she keeps refusing to use in her collage. This transports all of them back to that door. Alma now thinks that child they can hear is Geraldine and not Camila.

Jacob tells them to wait because that was not her name as a child. Jacob kneels at the door, calls her name, and the door opens. The camera holds on to Jacob’s weathered face, and he remains expressionless. The camera then goes to black, and the credits roll.

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