Undone season 2 – what is behind the door in Alma’s visions?

By M.N. Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Undone season 2 – what is behind the door in Almas visions - amazon original series

This article, “what is behind the door in Alma’s visions,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Undone season 2.

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In this season of Undone, Alma frequently finds herself falling through some clouds in the sky until she lands near a large wooden door. The door is strange. It does not look modern. Wooden, only curved, and more old Europe than today’s homes. She avoided trying to crack it open at several points. Eventually, when she did try, it wouldn’t budge. As the season progresses, she has theories on what is behind it. 

Undone season 2 – what is behind the door in Alma’s visions?

At one point, we are left to wonder if this is Alma behind the door. We hear a woman crying. And we know that Alma, in different visions and in her old timeline, attempted suicide. Is she unconsciously unable to get through the door because she does not want to face her past? 

As the story progresses, a new theory develops. With Camila suffering so much heartache, giving up her child, losing the love of her life to the priesthood, and Jacob’s mother telling Camila it is a bad idea to adopt her son Alejandro back and bring him to America, could she be one the one crying behind the door?

A third theory emerges. After Jacob, Alma, and Becca are transported to the time Geraldine upset Camila, he asks her to take back what he says. They keep seeing the same art therapy collage that Geraldine refuses to finish at several points. All three are transported back to Alma’s door when Alma pushes the issues. They again hear a girl crying. Alma now has a theory.

Is this Geraldine behind the door?

Is Geraldine hiding behind Alma’s door?

Jacob took a knee and asked for them to open the door. A young girl who cannot be more than eight or nine opens it when he does. It is Geraldine, with short red hair. Behind the door is the piece of collage she is refusing to use in her art therapy. Her memory as a young girl and how she came to America without her parents. They see her as a young girl being taught to be a mystic by her mother.

They are in the Polish town where she grew up. When they make it to a cliff, the fog separates, and that collage Geraldine was working on is floating in the sky above, barely being kept together. Each piece is a memory from having children, getting married, turning into an older adult, and all those memories of being committed for schizophrenia by her husband. 

What the family has to do is offer closure for Geraldine with this memory. That will be hard because they find that Geraldine is watching in horror as her parents were forced into a truck and never returned.

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