I Love America ending explained – will Lisa direct a Hollywood movie?

April 30, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Amazon Original film I Love America, which will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller said about I Love America, “A pretentious misfire.

I Love America opens up in a poor French town where Lisa is dropped off at her Grandmother’s apartment. Her mother asks to take her in for a while over the holidays. Her father can’t take her because he is Jewish, and Lisa needs to celebrate Christmas. Of course, she leaves, and as the film goes along, we understand she abandoned her for an extended period. The resentment lasts so long. When Lisa is 43 years of age, when her mother dies a fortune-teller passes along the mother’s apology, and Lisa replies, “I’m not here to talk about my departed mom.”

Aurora doesn’t exactly turn Lisa’s world upside down with her reveals. I mean, a daughter having issues with her mother? She is in La La Land, so being a director isn’t a long shot since she directly asks if she will make a movie there. However, when the fortune-teller goes again with a message from the mother, Lisa is too resentful about taking it in. She tells her, “Your mother says she is sorry. It was her fault. Love is not a habit she passed on to you.” “Tell her It’s a little too late for apologies.” Ouch, you know, because her mother is currently worm food that will help nourish future vineyards. 

What is surprising is when she asks if she will meet someone, Aurora tells her no, she will not. Why? Because she is a loner and enjoys solitude. This is something her mother never taught her but, in reality, didn’t show her either.

Amazon original film I Love America ending explained

Will Lisa find love? Of course, it is a romantic comedy, after all. She meets a young man named John. They hit it off immediately, but as Lisa established at the film’s beginning, she wants to keep things casual and just, “f**k.” This upset John, and he lacked common sense that she was not the age she put on the dating app. They have a falling out because he wants more, and she sees this as a casual romp.

Lisa moves past this by finding closure over her resentment towards her mother. She finally opens up a package from her before she dies. It is her lipstick and her bracelet. This brings back flashbacks for Lisa. In a touching scene, she holds her hand, and you can almost see the anger she has been holding onto leave her body. There is even a scene, which we can only assume may be accurate, where Lisa writes the words about love all over her body as if her mother is finally sharing her passion. Or, which may be more precise, she finally lets her love in.

She gets back with John, and when Lisa sees Aurora in the street, she comments on how it’s great to see her wear her mother’s lipstick and how her heart is glowing. As Lisa and John drive off, Lisa points to a billboard of her movie coming out. The title?

I Love America.

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