The Wilds season 2, episode 2 recap – “Day 34/12”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 2

This recap of Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 2, “Day 34/12,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 2 was way more interesting than the premiere chapter of season 2, mainly because it decided to delve into one of the new characters rather than recycle a similar story about what happened to the boys. We learn a lot about Rafael and what he represents in the story so far.

The Wilds season 2, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with a flashback — Rafael crosses the border to get to school, but then it flits to the present, and Leah asks him questions about how he got here. She reveals she’s gone through the same experiences as him and calls it a “setup,” which freaks Rafael out. Eventually, Rafael agrees to tell her everything, but he wants to know things about her too.

Leah wonders why Rafael finds it challenging to explain himself. Rafael describes how his life before the island was dark, and the days blurred together “like a fog.” He explains the only thing that made sense was his girlfriend, Marisol. In a flashback, his girlfriend and her family are wealthy, and he’s invited to a fundraiser by them. Rafael was besotted by her, but the energy she gave back was not so convincing.

On the island with the girls, Fatin tells the other girls that she’s done with Leah, who has overdosed on pills. Rachel finds Leah and tells her she will not sit around being pitied and asks to follow her — Rachel apologizes to her for how she acted when Leah asked her questions about her sister and the island. Leah states it isn’t her fault she tried to overdose and didn’t want to end her life. And then, Rachel and Leah see something in the sea, so they investigate.

On the island with the boys, there’s a risk of low food supplies. The scarcity has the boys worried. Kirin tells them they just need to slow down on the food while rescue gets to them. Josh Herbert suggests they play “two truths and a lie.” Rafael makes a fool of himself and accidentally empties the salsa on the beach. Seth, an eager photographer, decides to take photos of it. Rafael is annoyed at being unable to fit in, so he walks off.

While out in the jungle, Rafael finds a bracelet that belonged to him and his girlfriend, but then he finds himself covered in ants that are hurting him. Seth finds him and tells him to take his pants off to help get them all off. Rafael is annoyed that he almost got “eaten alive” for something that only mattered to him (flashbacks show that his girlfriend did not care too much for her bracelet representing their relationship).

In a flashback, Rafael tells his parents that he’s off to an event (his girlfriend’s family fundraiser), but they are not too pleased as he has family obligations. The mother also raises how he has quit football for Marisol and believes he has a fantasy with his girlfriend and her family. Rafael stands his ground and states he needs to go to the fundraiser to network with other people and increase his chances for a better life. The father tells him that his girlfriend will forget about him once she goes to college on the other side of the country and insists he helps his mother.

Rafael decides to cross the border to go to the fundraiser anyway, and he’s worried that he will be late as there is bad traffic. He accidentally hits another car as he panics, and the driver gets angry at him. He ends up fighting with this man. He ends up in jail — he rings his home, but when his father answers, he decides to put the phone down and call Marisol instead.

Back on the island, Seth tells Rafael that he has accidentally found something as he moves some overgrowth on the ground. It looks like a hatch, so they break open the door with a rock. Inside the hatch, they find food and documents that hint the island was once used for wildlife studies. Seth tells Rafael that they’ve discovered more food supplies because of him. Meanwhile, Josh reveals he had a lighter all along — Kirin is furious, stating they could have easily made a fire and kept warm. Ivan Taylor tries to deescalate the situation, but Kirin is not in the mood to play games. But tensions cool when Rafael and Seth return with food supplies, and the group is excited, mainly because there is beer. Suddenly, Rafael is the hero of the group.

On the island with the girls, Martha tells Toni that she’s annoyed with her for telling personal things to Shelby about her. But then, Martha apologizes for reacting, but Toni tells her she’s proud of her. And then, Leah and Rachel turn up with a box of party supplies. Suddenly, Leah starts laughing wildly at the pinata in the box and tells them all about a memory she has, stating the pinata looks very familiar.

In a flashback, Rafael is bailed out of jail by his girlfriend, Marisol. He thanks his partner, and her parents tell him that he will not be able to cross the border again until his visa is sorted. Rafael wants his girlfriend’s assurance that everything is okay, and she holds his hand. However, soon after, she removes the physical touch.

The ending

The end of episode 2 returns to the present and highlights how bold Leah is becoming but also manipulative.

Rafael tells Leah he’s always needed someone else to “feel whole and a little less lost.” Leah is disappointed in his story because she wants him to trust her, but she doesn’t feel he is prepared to do that. Rafael reveals he does not have much choice. Leah tells him she is going to get him out of this facility.

Leah decides to confront one of the interviewers at the facility and tells him she has something to say to him. She brings up the story about how “two plane crashes were staged” and that she met Rafael. But she feels the facility already knew she had met him and senses they wanted her to get something out of him. Leah wants to know who is in charge and offers to get them what they need. Gretchen watches her through the double mirror wall and smiles. It appears that Leah is using Rafael’s lust for a meaningful connection to her advantage.

Episode 2 is an improvement to the premiere as the series delves into a new character rather than scatter-gunning plot points.

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