Brotherhood season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 11, 2022
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Netflix Brazillian series Brotherhood season 2, episode 6 - Siblings - the ending explained

This recap of the Netflix Brazillian series Brotherhood season 2, episode 6, “Siblings,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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As we reach the end of season 2, the importance of the siblings is paramount. The actions of Cris are important. Where her loyalty lies is key. And that’s what the finale answers — what path does Cris choose?

Brotherhood season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

Episode 6 opens with a flashback; Cris, Edson, and Marcel play hide and seek. The innocence of children. Simpler and happier times between them all. In the present, Marcel, Cris, and Edson are in a showdown — Marcel is pointing a gun at Edson, and Cris is trying to calm the situation down. The police are searching for Edson aggressively, and Marcel wants the leader of the Brotherhood to give himself up. Edson calls him a coward and bats his gun away from him. Cris and Edson leave Marcel behind and head to their hideout.

On the news, Secretary Gomes announces that Edson is still on the loose and dangerous, including the fact that he killed his wife, Darlene. He vows to bring down his criminal organization. Edson is left in a predicament of what to do next. He knows he is stuck and wants to send a message. Cris is against further violent plans, worrying how many people will die. Edson calls it war and wants to blow up a police station. He asks Cris if she’s with him until the end. However, Cris has another plan, to bring peace and justice, and stop the war, but she doesn’t want to betray her brother.

Edson proceeds with his plan to extract a bomb and heads out to get the materials. But then, Edson learns that Cris has a plan with Ivan. Edson is shocked to hear that Ivan is alive and that she’s plotted behind his back. Cris explains the plan to take over the trap house from Oseas and search for peace and justice. The siblings argue, but Cris claims she’s done everything for Brotherhood. Edson reminds her that he is Brotherhood and that she’ll do what he says. He tells her to plant the bombs at the police station.

The next day, Edson learns that Cris has escaped — she’s now with Ivan. Meanwhile, Secretary Gomes has rounded up his police outside Edson’s hideout, and he demands that he gives himself up. When the police head in, there’s a bomb, and the explosion is deadly.

Cris heads to the trap house, and she claims she has an offer for Oseas, stating that Faisca is in the vicinity. Suddenly, the area is full of protests from Brotherhood. She tells Oseas that the Brotherhood wants to save the neighborhood, but he isn’t in the mood to negotiate. He threatens to take an eye out. But then, Faisca distracts him, and Ivan snipes Oseas in the head, and he’s dead. Cris tells Oseas’ men that they do not want war but peace and asks them to take down their guns. She then tells them that they will run the area as they do in prison, with respect and discipline, with all conflicts resolved with words. The Brotherhood is energized and replenished.

The ending

When Cris returns home, Edson is there. He tells her he is unbreakable — he survived the blast from the bomb. He wants to know where everyone is, including his daughter. But then he calls Cris a rat. Cris admits she has been a rat as she sobs. Edson points a gun at her, stating her time is done. Cris tells him that he’s lost his way because the war does not make sense and that the Brotherhood is lost. She doesn’t believe he’s fighting for justice anymore and that the Brotherhood belongs to her.

As Edson is about to react, Marcel shoots him through the window. And then, Cris has to kill him — she has no choice. As he dies, Edson says, “I thought we’d always be together.” Cris is distraught, her brother dead. Flashbacks show them all as children again. Happier times again.

The episode shows Brotherhood running a safer, well-run community. Ivan and Cris believe they now run the community outside and in prison. There’s new leadership now. Whether the new administration will be effective remains a question.

Episode 6 brings a thrilling finale to season 2, as Cris makes a bold choice.

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