Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 6 recap – “Chain of Authenticity”

May 13, 2022
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“Chain of Authenticity,” marks the end of the road for Carl Rogers.

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“Chain of Authenticity,” marks the end of the road for Carl Rogers.

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 6, “Chain of Authenticity,” contains spoilers.

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Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 6 recap

Following the deal they struck with Chandler at the end of episode 5, Rogers’ lawyer’s first move as episode 6 opens is a late-night call with her to express his concerns that the prosecution deal she secured might fall through. Chandler assures him that it is all kosher, but that doesn’t put his mind at ease. Immediately after the call finishes, he heads back inside the safe house where Rogers is now holed up and hands him a vial of white powder. It’s later revealed that the powder is the main ingredient in facilitating Rogers’ escape from the safe house, knocking his custodians out cold after he slips it into their coffee. 

The reason for Rogers’ escape is he has a shipping container already lined up and waiting for him to make his own way to Vietnam — a country with no extradition to the US and well away from the Russians who are even more eager to catch up with him than local law enforcement. They pay his girlfriend a visit, but she knows nothing, however, how much the Russians care about that is up for debate.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Chandler chat about what Rogers taking the deal means to them. Maddie makes it clear that she isn’t thrilled that he got what she sees as an easier route as opposed to the full force of the law coming down upon him after his initial trial, but Chandler is keen to point out that for them, it could have been a whole lot worse. They revisit the day when Chandler was shot, as they sit in the spot where Maddie was interviewed upon finding Chandler’s body that fateful morning.

Back at his office, Bosch has some time on his hands again after the Vance/Santanello case came to something of a dead end. After reading about a supposed beef he has with a former colleague of his who was tasked with investigating the murder of the doctor stabbed to death at the start of episode 1, Bosch decides to do something proactive and try to figure out who really killed the doc if Jeffrey Herstadt didn’t. However, this is put on hold after word gets to Chandler that Rogers left the safe house and is now on the run. She calls on Bosch and the two go to track down Rogers in either of the two possible locations they suspect he could be headed for, owing to the fact that the shipping container he has earmarked for his escape is being stored at one of them. Bosch rules out his location after finding out the container has already moved on from there, but when he informs Chandler she decides to wander for a while longer before heading back.

Whilst nosing about in one of the warehouses at her location, Chandler stumbles upon a container that fits the description of the one that she found blueprints for that led to her’s and Bosch’s knowledge of Rogers’ escape plan in the first place. She takes a look around but heads for cover when the Russians arrive, having also learned of Rogers’ exit plan. They sit and wait for Rogers’ inevitable arrival, and when he does eventually turn up, they take him out once and for all, with Chandler bearing witness to everything. Later on, she and Bosch drink to the outcome but vow that this is knowledge that must forever remain between the two of them.

A new day dawns, and a new lead arises in Bosch’s presumed-dead Vance/Santanello case. Tucked away in amongst all of this junk mail one morning, Bosch opens an envelope containing Vance’s gold pen, plus a holographic will that makes Bosch executor of Vance’s estate. He takes his findings to Chandler, who confirms that his next steps need to be confirming the validity of the will, plus safeguarding the document. With billions of dollars at stake, she makes clear that there isn’t much that people who think they have a claim won’t do in order to secure it, so urges Bosch to have as many insurance policies in place as possible.

The ending

Whilst Bosch is having a promising day of sorts, Maddie is having her hardest on the job yet. Paulina — one of her friends from the academy — is shot during a traffic stop. When the news comes through at the police station, Maddie gets ready to head to the scene but is instead given the job of informing Paulina’s family following the shooting. She finds this out just as the news breaks city-wide that a rookie female officer has been shot, news that reaches her dad immediately. As soon as he hears the report, he gets straight on the phone with Maddie and is relieved when she picks up. She fills him in on what she knows and then reveals where she’s headed next, saying she doesn’t know how to break the news. He tells her that somehow she’ll find the words, and the two leave it there, with Bosch taken back to the day when he had to tell Maddie that her mum, Eleanor, had been killed.

That night, Maddie heads over to her dad’s office, and the two talk it through, with Maddie pressing him for information about what it’s like to get shot given his own experience. Bosch reluctantly tells his story, and it’s a sobering one for Maddie to hear, but she takes some comfort in hearing that the person who saved him was her mum and that that was how the two of them met.

Later that night, Bosch heads out to take care of something. He’s waiting beside one of the main roads into the city when a car pulls up and none other than J. Edgar steps out. The pair catch up briefly, before Bosch hands Jerry the envelope containing Vance’s will to put in evidence for safekeeping. The pair part company again, leaving Bosch to contemplate the events of the day by himself.

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