The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 3 recap – “Momentum”

By Marc Miller
Published: May 13, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 3 - Momentum


The Lincoln Lawyer remains intriguing, but the red herrings are becoming a problem.

This recap of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 3, “Momentum,” contains spoilers.

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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 3 recap

Mick is defending a female client who keeps sunbathing topless and doesn’t care who knows it. Mick gets it kicked because Wagstaff was ordered out of the water by a cop. She was naked, so she was following orders. I can get behind this guy, Mick, defending topless women everywhere. This isn’t one of Jerry’s cases, however. Wagstaff is one of Mick’s old clients. It turns out Eli Wyms is being seen in front of the same judge. The man is in a hospital and sent for an eval for assaulting a couple of police officers.

There is no file on Wyms, but Lorna’s theory is it was in the briefcase the night Jerry left us (which makes me think so was the magic bullet they cannot find). Cisco is worried about Lorna and Mick, so he stores a gun in Mick’s office just in case. By the way, Mick keeps looking at the fish thing on Jerry’s wall. Is anyone else thinking Jerry might have stored something in there? Like a flash drive? Or hell, maybe an actual bullet?

When Mick gets to the courthouse, Wyms is so high on meds he cannot talk to him. After talking to the prosecutor, Mick finds out that Wyms had an appointed attorney, but Jerry took it over pro bono. Why? Immediately after taking it on, he sent Wyms to the mental health hospital. It almost feels like Jerry was trying to hide him for some reason or delay his trial. Since the man is so high on medications, Mick gets a continuance until Wyms comes off his meds and Mick can have a coherent conversation with him.

Mick attends the party at a bar honoring Jerry’s memory. A cop named Lankford confronts him and asks about what Maggie saw in him and how his boy, Jesus Menendez, out in Calipatria, is doing? This sends Mick down the rabbit hole as he drinks a deconstructed boilermaker. Izzy comes in and finds him. She takes away his glasses (it becomes clear later he did not drink them). Izzy tells him that she became hooked on heroin. She came to LA to study music/business and toured with some pop stars. She hurt her back, and that’s how she began to take opioids.

The ending

Mick must suspect his car is a product of Hoover’s FBI because he insists on talking about the case in Elliott’s car. (Apparently, he is not worried the cups would put this one under surveillance). The cops think they have evidence that Trevor fired a gun, but he insists that he has never fired a gun. Elliott tells Mick that he and his wife fought about living under his shadow.

Before the episode ends, Trevor tells Mick that he knew about the affair. He lied about it because it would make him feel guilty, but he did not care about the affair. Why? Because Trevor had many affairs and forgave him. Mick tries to use this as an example of a cross by arguing with his client. He shows him how he tore his testimony apart, and the prosecutor will be much worse. Elliott leaves Mick and tells him he will testify, end of discussion.

The show ends with making connections for Mick. He looks at the Wyms case file and figures this client must be the magic bullet because he was arrested a few miles away right around when the murder occurred. That’s when Mick sees a man in the parking garage (they need to put cameras in there). He runs back into his office, grabs his gun, and fires a couple of shots at the door the man is trying to break down. He calls the cops, and the episode ends.

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