Night Sky season 1 – What happened to Byron?

May 20, 2022
Adam Lock 1
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This article, “What happened to Byron” contains spoilers regarding Amazon Prime Video’s Night Sky season 1.

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Near the end of Night Sky, our nosey neighbor Byron makes the gallant leap into the unknown and voyages out onto the alien planet, kitted out in Franklin’s diving gear. This righteous everyman feels he has something to prove as we near the end of season one and makes the deadly journey without trepidation. If anything, Byron is excited, taking his first tentative steps out onto the alien surface. Those first few moments on the planet seem promising, with Byron starting to explore further afield. He finds Irene’s teleported coffee table and then takes a bend, disappearing from view. Franklin can’t pick him up on the walkie-talkie anymore either, suddenly things start to feel awry. So as the finale ends, we’re left none the wiser to Byron’s fate, what exactly happened to him on that alien world?

Night Sky season 1 – What happened to Byron?

Let’s look at the facts of the matter first. Byron had a full tank of oxygen when he last saw him and happily wandered the planet with no issues. As he stepped further from the viewing platform, he lost contact with Franklin. In the finale, Irene discovered that the alien planet has breathable air, so Byron would be safe to take off his diving equipment and gulp in that sweet O2. Franklin would have suffocated rather than remove his helmet and this problematic conundrum will likely face Byron as well. Would he brave it and take off the helmet or die struggling to breathe when his oxygen levels run low? It would take a fearless individual to remove their helmet, knowing the painful consequences of such an action from countless sci-fi classics. I don’t think Byron would take that plunge, but he has surprised us in the past.

Another twist in the finale was the shock reveal of that very human-looking dwelling neatly tucked away on the alien planet. This is more than likely the secretive community where Jude, Hannah and numerous others are from. Did Byron journey to this cult lodging? If so, he would instantly see that the air is breathable and likely remove his helmet. The added danger here though is the unpredictable nature of its inhabitants. The cult community is known for assassinating traitors, seemingly very precious of the village’s secrets and hidden cultures. Would they happily welcome a stranger or kill them on sight? I’d be tempted to go with the latter on this one. Maybe they’d keep Byron hostage to start with and question the stranger on just how he got there , what he knows. They’ll be nervous that their secretive society may not be so secret anymore and want to tie up all loose ends.

If Byron is captured then the York duo would be next, making this not quite the successful rescue party that Franklin had hoped for. The third and final possibility is that Byron bypasses the cult community altogether and ventures further away, on into a different, more exhilarating scenario. I’d wager there are aliens and alien civilizations on this planet also and Byron may just walk straight into one of their paths. Byron has a dogged fight deep down inside of him and may defend himself valiantly or be captured once again. The possibilities do seem endless on this one. What do you think happened to Byron? Please comment below.

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  • May 22, 2022 at 6:54 am

    Byron joins the cult community and spills all the beans… guess we see

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