Story recap – what happened in Night Sky season 1?

May 20, 2022
Adam Lock 5
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This is a story recap of the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

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Night Sky tells the tale of Irene and Franklin York, an aging couple, who live in Farnsworth, Illinois. The pensioners have a lot on their plate, dealing with heart-wrenching grief, the aches and pains of old age, and the added stresses of housing an alien portal to another planet in a bunker under their garden shed. This alien ‘chamber’ doesn’t stay a secret for long, what with nosey neighbors and an elaborate cult community sniffing around, desperate to hone its magical powers. With multiple plot strands and eight chapters worth of story to get through, let’s breakdown exactly what happened in each episode of Night Sky:

Story recap – what happened in Night Sky season 1?

Episode 1

Irene and Franklin take a trip in their alien teleportation device, something they’ve done hundreds of times before. Irene believes the portal, which transports them to an alien viewing platform, is a riddle to solve. Whilst Franklin grows wary of its existence and just wants to share the secret with his granddaughter Denise. Nosey neighbor Byron snoops around at night, catching the old couple journeying to and from their garden shed. The suspicious neighbor informs Denise of this unusual behavior. Denise talks with Franklin, worried about her grandparent’s deteriorating health. Irene is now wheelchair bound after a fall and Franklin’s memory is rapidly slipping. Irene writes Franklin a letter and goes to the viewing platform alone, ready to step out onto the alien planet, unsure if she’ll survive, but desperate for answers. Just as she departs, she spots a man on the floor, struggling to breathe.

Episode 2

In Argentina, Stella works on a llama farm with her daughter Toni. A church on Stella’s land homes its very own magical portal, which she protects at all costs. Back in America, Franklin drags the stranger into his house and the couple contemplate their next move. Irene nurses the drifter back to health, deciding not to inform the police. This stranger, called Jude, says he has lost his memory, but Franklin doesn’t believe him at all. Byron runs for town council. Denise reveals that her father Michael (Irene and Franklin’s son) committed suicide a long time ago, whilst on a lackluster date. Jude sneaks out of his locked bedroom at night and removes a tracking device from his leg.

Episode 3

In this episode Jude makes a full recovery and lives as a captive in the York’s household. Irene takes a liking to the stranger, but Franklin is still highly suspicious. He tries to pay Jude off, but the man manages to manipulate both the pensioners into staying. They decide to hire him as a live-in caretaker, to help support the aging couple around the house. Denise doesn’t trust Jude either and questions the stranger in person. Stella is given an assignment and takes Toni on the trip with her. She begrudgingly reveals the secrets of the alien chamber to her daughter and the two teleport to America. Byron’s campaign is derailed when he’s accused of forging signatures. Blaming Franklin for the complaint, he breaks into the York’s shed and discovers the alien door in a hidden bunker.

Episode 4

Jude steals a glowing orb that powers the alien teleportation device and buries it. Irene helps Jude search for his missing father at the local library. Stella and Toni acquire the help of an American called Nick to aid them in finding their missing apostate. Nick suggests taking the van on the road so they can better triangulate the runaway’s location. A kleptomaniac named Chandra steals Jude’s possessions and the drifter hunts her down that night. Lost, he walks into a karaoke bar to ask for directions and meets with Denise for a few drinks. Franklin and Byron get drunk together too and pay the alien chamber a visit, although it doesn’t work this time. Byron thinks it’s all a practical joke. Irene drives the streets searching for Jude and Franklin, finding her caretaker being arrested for fleeing a police officer.

Episode 5

Whilst at the police station, Jude confesses to Irene about his murky past. He reveals that he escaped a compound that is linked with the York’s portal, that there are many more of these ‘chambers’ and that they’re all connected like a network of doorways. Irene manages to get Jude out of prison and teaches him to drive. They visit Chandra to retrieve his belongings. Franklin shows Byron photographs proving the alien viewing platform exists. Byron then finds the buried orb.

Episode 6

In this instalment Franklin finds Irene’s suicide note in the garbage and is heartbroken by its implications. He decides to sleep at Byron’s and the nosey neighbor shows him the missing orb. Denise helps Jude search for his father, following a fresh lead. Irene apologizes to Franklin. With a new lead, Denise, Irene and Jude pack for a road trip to Michigan. Stella, Toni and Nick stop off at a hotel, where Nick uses his very own magical orb to impress a woman. Stella is furious and steals Nick’s van, leaving with Toni. Byron and Franklin try to restart the alien portal with jumper cables. The surge of energy sends a shockwave through the community. They teleport to the viewing platform, where Byron finally gazes upon the otherworldly constellations.

Episode 7

Byron and Franklin test out diving gear in preparation for journeying outside of the viewing platform. Byron explains how he was gifted a large cash settlement for blowing the whistle on his old company. Byron’s wife was humiliated by this turn of events, so they had to relocate and start again. His wife admits she was the one who complained about the fraudulent signatures. Irene, Jude and Denise follow an address to a deserted B&B, owned by Hannah. She knew Jude’s father (Gabe) and questions the enigmatic drifter. Stella and Toni arrive in Farnsworth, where their sleuthing leads to Chandra. The crime boss Cornelius kills Chandra after she reveals Jude’s location. Flashbacks address Michael’s fragile mental state just before his death. Irene was extremely cold towards her suicidal son and rightfully blames herself for not doing more. Byron steps out into the unknown, walking on the alien planet until he is out of view and loses communication with Franklin.

Episode 8

In the finale, Stella, Toni and Cornelius arrive at the York’s house. Stella chases after Jude, whilst the others tie up Irene and Franklin in their living room. Eventually, Jude and Denise are captured too, with all the gang back at the Yorks. Cornelius wants Toni to kill Jude, but she refuses. A tussle follows and Cornelius is unarmed. Stella ties him up in her van and the Argentinians leave. Denise and Jude take the teleportation device and travel to Bangkok. Stella’s van is rammed off the road and crashes. The culprits, Hannah and her team, capture Stella, Toni and Cornelius. Hannah reveals she was once an apostate and has unfinished business with Cornelius. Franklin dons the diving gear and searches for Byron. His oxygen runs out though and he collapses. Irene appears just in time to save him, proving the alien air is breathable. The old couple walk across the planet’s surface and discover a human town in the distance. In a flashback, Franklin digs up a tree, which reminded Irene of her dead son. Whilst digging, he comes across the bunker to the alien portal. Irene believes there’s an intrinsic connection between Michael’s death and this unbelievable finding.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Night Sky, season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Story recap – what happened in Night Sky season 1?

  • May 21, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    Boring and unoriginal.

  • May 22, 2022 at 5:22 am

    Irene wasn’t to blame for her son’s suicide. How could you say she “rightfully blames herself”? What was she supposed to do?

  • May 23, 2022 at 1:37 am

    Thank You for the review. I watched Episode 1. It sucked big ones! I guess as a Screen Writer and Director and Producer at Amazon Prime that you don’t have to have any talent

  • May 25, 2022 at 8:48 am

    I saw all of series 1. After each episode, I tried to ponder what was presented and what did I understand. I kept questioning after each episode which I did not find entertaining. In my opinion, the acting and script was less than professional (amateur?). I kept watching waiting for my ” ah-ha” moment. That never came for me.

  • June 8, 2022 at 5:58 am

    I watched all 8 eps. Like it !

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