Stranger Things 4 – a breakdown of the first 8 minutes

May 20, 2022
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This article contains spoilers for… well, the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things Season 4, Episode 1.

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Netflix has decided to ramp up their promotion for Strangers Things Season 4 by releasing the first eight minutes of the first episode for free on YouTube. I say “somewhat” unprecedented since they did the exact same thing just yesterday with the first episode of Love, Death + Robots Volume 3. Having watched the full eight minutes, you can kind of see why they thought it was a good idea in this case. They really don’t give anything major away, and yet they manage to whet appetites rather significantly by delving into a flashback involving a returning character and a very well-loved one.

Anyway, the full video is below, along with a slightly more in-depth breakdown of what occurs within it.

Stranger Things 4 – a breakdown of the first 8 minutes

It’s 1979, and Martin Brenner likes to start his day with a piping hot cup of coffee and time himself solving a crossword puzzle in under a minute. He heads to his office in the Hawkins Laboratories and grabs Ten, a young boy he is working with. He seems to be able to see what others see; Brenner draws an animal that is supposed to be a dog, but Ten identifies it as a cow. Brenner then gives him a slightly more challenging assignment — to locate his colleague, Dr. Ellis. However, Ten becomes terrified because he sees Dr. Ellis with a child named Six, and sees they are now both dead. Brenner then hears screams and cries from outside. Suddenly, the door is thrown from its hinges and knocks the good doctor over.

When he wakes up, Ten is dead. He walks the halls, and countless dead bodies are sprawled over the floor. Blood and glass are everywhere. He enters a subject’s room, and someone who must be Eleven turns around. She has bloodstains all around her eyes. Brenner then asks her, “What have you done?” I’m guessing precisely what you taught her, Doc.

Thanks for reading our breakdown of the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things 4. You’ll be able to stream Stranger Things season 4, episode 1 exclusively on Netflix

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