Stranger Things season 4 – The Creel Family Murders

May 27, 2022
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This article, “The Creel Family Murders,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4.

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Eddie Munson’s Uncle, Wayne, has a theory that whoever killed the young woman in his trailer was not his nephew but must be Victor Creel. A crazy ax murderer brutally killed and disfigured his family in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The murders remind him of the poor girl in his trailer. Well, my fellow Stranger Things freak and geeks, it never occurred to me how Uncle Wayne was the only one in Hawkins who knew what he was talking about.

Stranger Things season 4 – The Creel Family Murders 

Victor bought a mansion in Hawkins and moved his family there after the war. The home was spooky almost immediately. His wife, daughter, and son had unsettling hallucinations, lights flickered, and noises that went bump in the night. The official theory is Victor murdered his wife and children, likely suffering from post-traumatic stress, and now has a permanent stay at the Hawkins insane asylum.

Nancy feels it must not have been him, and it was something called Vecna’s Curse. When she questions him, he says he did not kill his family but went into a hallucination about accidentally killing a family in World War 2 in France by accidentally bombing a home full of innocents — he remembers a baby burning in her bassinet. It is also revealed that Victor cut out his eyes as a punishment since two-thirds of his family lost theirs.

When Victor awoke from his trance, he found his wife and daughter dead, but his son was in a coma. He died a short time later in the hospital.

Stranger Things season 4 – did Victor kill his family?

We see what happened by the end of the first batch of episodes in the fourth season. During dinner, Virginia levitates from the table, is in a trance, and becomes disfigured – in the same fashion as the girl in Wayne’s trailer. Laura, the daughter, screams. Victor is in his trance. Well, what about his son Henry?

It turns out Henry has had dark powers for years. His behavior was disturbing, hurting animals by tying them up and he would kill them with telepathic abilities. His mother took him to a doctor to treat him. Who, you ask? Dr. Martin Brenner! We also see his love for black widow spiders and the giant grandfather clock in the mansion.

Henry killed his mother and sister and planned on pinning the murders on his father. It is unclear if he faked his coma because Dr. Brenner took him, just like Eleven, and reported he died from his injuries. Henry was, in fact, subject 001 in the Hawkins lab experiments. Of course, he is known as One, but Dr. Brenner changes his name and gives him a job at the Hawkins lab as he gets older. What name was he given?

Peter Ballard. That’s right, the orderly that has taken Eleven under his wing and is responsible for the Hawkins Massacre.

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