Who died in Stranger Things season 4, volume 1?

May 27, 2022
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This article, “Who died in Stranger Things Season 4, volume 1,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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The fourth season of Stranger Things is bolder, bloodier, and scarier than the past three seasons. The hit Netflix series returns today, and it’s been a killer season, literally. A dark wizard, a spell-caster if you will, Vecna, has taken over Hawkins and is killing people by the handful. The demonic figure is casting spells from the upside-down place and can break limbs, cave in eyeballs, and slams the lifeless bodies into the ground, wanting them to join him. Unlike Barb, if it makes things easier, most of them deserve it.

Who died in Stranger Things season 4, volume 1?


The beautiful cheerleader dating the Hawkins High School star basketball player has a bad week. Her anxiety is through the roof, and she keeps having horrifying audio hallucinations that border schizophrenic episodes. She buys some weed from Eddie to calm her nerves but asks for something stronger. The young drug dealer watches in horror as Chrissy enters a trance. She is then thrown into the ceiling, her four limbs and jaw are snapped, and her eyeballs sink into the back of her head.


A managing editor of the Hawkins School Newspaper accompanies Nancy to the home where Chrissy’s body was found. We soon realize Fred has a secret — he was involved in a car accident that killed a family last summer. He hallucinates a grandfather clock on its back in the woods and finds the family he killed staring at him. Fred runs through the woods in fear until he runs onto the road. He enters a trance, seeing the burning car he hit. In the same fashion as Chrissy, he is killed by the dark wizard, Vecna.

Virginia, Alice, and Henry Creel

Victor Creel’s family was killed by Vecna when they inherited some money and bought a dream home. His wife, Virginia, was killed in the same fashion as the other Vecna victims. His daughter Alice and Henry died after being in a coma.

Two Russian Soldiers

Hopper takes out two Russian soldiers to escape from the prison where he was working on the railroad.

“The Unnamed Hero Government Agent”

The name given to the man who saved Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle; he took out a dozen or so military soldiers and escaped in Argyle’s pizza delivery truck.


Another young person bites the dust as Vecna brutally kills him in the same fashion as Chrissy and Fred. This time, the dark wizard lifts him out of the lake as he and Jason chase Eddie into the lake.

The Six Russian Prisoners

While Hopper and Dmitri survive the Demodog attack, their six fellow teammates are killed.

The Hawkins Lab Massacre

Okay, so when reviewing the first 8 minutes in the season premiere and the last scenes of the season finale, two orderlies are in the halls along with two guards. Along with the six guards we assume are dead that Peter/Henry/Vecna killed, there are 14 children at the lab,  all we assume are now dead, except for Eleven.

*Side Note: At the 24:02 mark, we see all 14 children line up, and we may think it does track because they are in order (Ten is right next to Eleven). However, Two is the third child, and Six stands at number five. Lastly, remember El met Eight on the outside. The child standing in that spot is not female. So, has Peter helped others escape as well? This means there could be more like El out there.

And there you go — a complete list of who died in Stranger Things Season 4, volume 1.

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