Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill review – an unfunny waste of time

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 6, 2022
Netflix comedy special Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill


A collection of unfunny jokes that make you want to turn the special off several times.

Netflix comedy special Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill was released on the streaming service on June 6, 2022. 

The Netflix is a Joke Festival happened recently and we saw some of the best standup comedians across the world at the festival. Today, we have a brand new special, Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill. Is it worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

We know that various comedians are set to hit the stage, but Bill Burr hits the stage first. Burr does what every comedian has done over the last year, tackles COVID. He makes quite a few jokes, from the number of people who died to making light of the people who gave doctors crap throughout the pandemic. Next, Burr tackles Kyle Rittenhouse, which gets more groans than laughs, deservedly so as the jokes were subpar and not really funny.

Next up was Michelle Wolf and Wolf tackled Kamala Harris and how little girls everywhere should know it’s possible now. Wolf follows by targeting white women and how they are hypocritical in what they do and say. If I am being honest, this was a big swing and big miss for me. I had never seen Wolf’s work before, and after seeing this, I am not seeking to watch anymore.

Jimmy Carr is up next, and he kicks off the jokes by joking about how in ten years, jokes will not be jokes anymore because of how sensitive people are. So then, Carr attempts to tell a barrage of jokes to test the audience to see if they have a sense of humor? I’ll be honest with you all, we are 0-2 so far during this special.

We have Steph Tolev up on stage, and this is my introduction to her. She comes out with a leather skirt-like outfit with a mullet (which I am very jealous of). She comes out strong with some over-the-top jokes about sex, and well, again, nothing lands here. We have reached the point where most people may turn off this special.

I am a massive fan of Jeff Ross and Dave Attell. Could they be the saving grace for this special? I sure hope so. Let me start by saying I love Jeff Ross, but my goodness, he is that one ugly human being. So it isn’t surprising that the roastmaster would have a roast battle on stage. Jeff and Dave trade barbs with each other, but they shift to some crowd work, which is some of the best jokes yet. My goodness, this was a breath of fresh air this special needed. These two were great.

We have Ian Edwards hit the stage with some mediocre Michael Jackson jokes. However, Edwards lands one of the best jokes of the special with his The Handmaid’s Tale joke. IT IS BRILLIANT. He followed with even more great work with sex trafficking jokes that landed perfectly and ended with a great gender reveal party joke. Honestly, this was my introduction to Edwards, and I can’t wait to seek out more of his work.

We are riding a high, folks, and let’s see if it continues with Joe Bartnik and his great stache. First, Bartnik kicks off with some great material on the Dad bod. Then, we have our first Will Smith joke in a standup special, and you know, it worked, and I laughed. Overall, Bartnick was good, not great, but kept the momentum going.

Jessica Kirson hits the stage, and well, there went the entire steam that the last few comics have built. Her delivery is brilliant, but the jokes are not fully there for me. It’s not that they aren’t funny; it is just that they are only partially amusing, and that takes you entirely out of the joke. Honestly, it might have been the worst on the show so far.

The show ends with Josh Adam Myers, and he comes to the stage and starts singing? I guess this is his schtick. I need a drink or ten because this was AWFUL. What in the world was Bill Burr thinking by letting this on the show? I’m so confused right now? Burr introduces Ronnie Chieng to the stage now? And he is going to sing now? Even worse, he is going to sing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry? Please end this show.

Overall, the good can’t outweigh the truly bad parts of this special. I had HUGE expectations for this, and I wanted to turn it off several times. I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy.

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