Love, Victor season 3, episode 6 recap – “Agent of Chaos”

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 3, episode 6


Our unlucky teens tackle some weighty issues in an excellent installment. There is humor, sorrow, and an abundance of social topics to explore in a rapid thirty minutes of TV.

This recap of the Hulu series Love, Victor season 3, episode 6 contains spoilers.

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In one of the show’s more menacing scenes, Benji’s father turned up unannounced at Victor’s house and threatened the innocent teen, practically banning him from seeing Benji ever again. He stated that his son’s latest relapse was all Victor’s fault and that the boy creates chaos wherever he goes. Sister Pilar had a similarly torrid time with her control-freak parents grounding the teen after they discovered she was on birth control. The Salazar household is under some unusually valid stress in episode six, whilst their friends battle equally tricky and adult subject matter. There are some surprisingly mature decisions to be made in this excellent installment.

Love, Victor season 3, episode 6 recap

Back at school, the perfectly sculpted Disney teens fret over relationship issues. Pilar is still blanking Felix and Victor hides behind his best friend in a cowardly act to avoid ex-boyfriend Benji. Felix quips that they’re the bad boys now, with Felix in the doghouse and Victor getting very real threats from an intimidating adult. Felix is his usual lovable self in a funny exchange with classmate Victor, labeling him an agent of chaos, quite the apt phrase when they pick apart his history. The dynamic duo end up partnering with the loathsome Liam, a smart if stuck up classroom neighbor. Liam is easy to hate, yet has his own secrets, which are explored in this chapter.

The secondary characters move forwards with their own respectable subplots. Lake suggests a study session with friends Lucy, Mia, and Andrew. The anxieties of the looming college applications weigh heavily on the teens’ shoulders. Mia has her own worries when she’s informed that her father’s new wife, Veronica, is in labor. She decided to stay in Creekwood, but now may be regretting this flippant life choice, desperately wanting to be there for the birth of a sibling.

Rahim treks through his most difficult challenge yet, when his stereotypically backward Uncle visits from Iran, and the poor teen must pretend to be straight for his parents. This is a tough social issue to address, hiding one’s sexuality, but the show handles the topic well. Rahim hates lying to himself and family members, wearing what he considers butch clothing just to fit in. The Uncle catches Rahim off guard and his mother panics, saying Pilar is his girlfriend. The awkward encounter only worsens when they’re all invited out for dinner. This important, topical issue highlights a society that isn’t completely changed when there is still prejudice and homophobia out there in the world.

Protagonist Victor, aka the agent of chaos, puts his foot in it again. The ever-optimistic teen invites Liam around, in the hopes of making a new friend and discussing his hidden sexuality. See Victor overheard the gay dating app notification sound ping on Liam’s phone — he’s quite the teen detective. Liam denies his sexuality until Victor mentions the app. Victor says he’s there for Liam, providing him the support he was never given, yet Liam takes it the wrong way and goes in for a kiss.

The ending

Feeling cursed, Victor goes to church for a heartfelt conversation with Mom, whilst Pilar does likewise with Dad. There’s a heart-wrenching reveal from Armando, who’s been a real ogre in this episode. The overbearing father admits that Isabel was pregnant at a similar age to Pilar and they lost their first baby. Meanwhile, Isabel tells Victor that he may be a “clueless wrecking ball” but he’s still a good man. Nick turns up to rectify Victor’s bad mood and Armando informs Pilar that her relationship with Felix is now unforbidden.

It’s a rather packed episode, with some truly adult issues for our teen cast to contend with. Rahim admits that lying is causing psychological damage and he will not do it anymore. Mia, Lake and Lucy all contemplate their future prospects and the Salazar family reconcile with one another. Weighty stuff for a teen drama to address, but integral subject matter that only heightens the show’s appeal.

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