Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend season 1 review – a fresh take on an old idea

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is so good that people will be craving more seasons of the show.


This review of the Netflix reality series Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend season 1 does not contain major spoilers. 

I was the BIGGEST fan of Iron Chef when it was on Food Network. You would hear the words “Ala Cuisine” and know it was about to throw down in the kitchen. I was excited to see what Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend had in store for us.

We have five new Iron Chefs that will take on Challenger Chefs from across the globe. One of these chefs will be able to take on all five Iron Chefs to battle to be crowned Iron Chef Legend. Kristen Kish and Alton Brown host the show.

There is a slight change in how they are doing the show. Throughout the episodes, the chef and challenger have to provide courses to the judges, and they can achieve points for the overall score. It added an extra layer of stress for our chefs because they told them the scores throughout the episode. So if either chef gets behind early, it adds to the already mounting pressure to provide the best meal.

Throughout watching each episode, you had some genuinely great picks that the chefs had to use as their main ingredients. My favorites had to be “Battle Chocolate” and “Battle Medieval.” Chocolate, duh, I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? But how these chefs can incorporate them in various ways made me want to be one of the judges. “Battle Medieval” made me want to watch The Cable Guy (if you know, you know) after I finished the episode, but there has always been something fun about watching Medieval-like recipes come to life.

We all know the show’s point was to attempt to crown an Iron Chef Legend. For the finale, Esther Choi, who successfully won her battle with the Iron Chef during the episode of Battle Tailgate, has returned to take on ALL the Iron Chefs at once. Can she reign supreme? I don’t want to spoil the finale for you, but one thing is for sure, this idea of her taking on all the chefs was so brilliant. And fans of the original show, you have a nice exciting thing in store for you that made me jump out of my chair!

Overall, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend was a fresh take on an old idea we all love. Fans of the original show are going to LOVE this and, like me, hope we get more seasons of it—what a fun and easy watch to binge this week.

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