The Wrath of God ending explained — is Kloster behind the murders?

By Marc Miller
Published: June 16, 2022
Netflix film The Wrath of God ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Wrath of God, which contains spoilers. 

Ready Steady Cut film critic, M.N. Miller, calls The Wrath of God (2022) “A self-absorbed, pretentious thriller.”

The story follows Luciana (Macarena Achaga), a young and beautiful student working as an assistant for two writers. One is a world-famous writer, Kloster (Diego Peretti). The man is an egomaniac. He has a manic-depressive wife who cannot get over losing her career as a ballerina because of a car accident. They have a young daughter, who is too much for the wife. Luciana also looks after her. She feels threatened by Luciana. And she has good reason to be worried. When Kolster’s beautiful assistant shows him a scar on her arm, he kisses Luciana. She pulls away, quits, and sues him for sexual harassment. Luciana also worked for Kloster’s chief critic, Esteban (The Two Popes’ Juan Minujin). It just so happens Luciana also quit that job because of his luring looks.

Since Luciana needs the money and has lost two jobs, she sues Kloster for sexual harassment. He quickly settles, and she asks herself why. It turns out that Kloster lost his wife and daughter, who both died mysteriously. She automatically thinks he must have killed them. However, it is revealed that the wife killed his daughter when she demanded that Luciana give her a bath in the tub. The wife kills herself, and Kloster finds them both in his home. The film would have worked better if they kept this secret at the end of the film. This results in a relatively suspense-free second half.

That’s because as the film goes on, we see over the years, members of Luciana’s family begin to have terrible accidents or die horrible deaths. She thinks Kloster is behind it, but she cannot prove it. Her brother, a lifeguard, drowns, and Kloster stands with a group over the body. Her father dies when her parents accidentally pick poisonous mushrooms on their anniversary. Then, the real kicker. Her last brother is then beaten to death outside the hospital where he works. Somehow, Kloster was able to release a jealous boyfriend from prison. He gave him a note suggesting Luciana’s brother had an affair with the psychopath’s wife.

Netflix film The Wrath of God ending explained

When Luciana has one sister left, she overhears her 16-year-old sibling bragging to her friend that she has been talking to Kloster. Luciana contacts Esteban to set up a meeting with Kloster so she can negotiate a deal to protect her younger sister. At a reading of his new book, he meets her on the third floor. She asks him what she must do to ensure her little sister’s safety? He tells her she knows what she has to do.

Luciana climbs on top of the safety rail of the third-floor balcony and leaps to her death. The final scenes show Kloster comforting the youngest sibling as Luciana’s body is cremated. Esteban is there too and has a man-to-man conversation with Kloster. He comments that the sister could be his daughter’s age now. The famed novelist then sickenly comments that she will be 18 years of age soon enough.

What could have been the reason for all of this? Sure, revenge is apparent. But this all seems to be a plan for him to gain control of the youngest daughter in Luciana’s family. Commenting on whether she would have been around his daughter’s age makes it appear he may be trying to regain a daughter. Sickenly commenting on how she will be of age soon implies he may want to finally sleep with a woman with Luciana’s bloodlines.

Either way, Kloster’s obsession is all over the map.

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