Story Recap – what happened in The Lake season 1?

By Marc Miller
Published: June 17, 2022
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Story Recap – what happened in The Lake season 1 - amazon original series

This is a story recap of the Amazon original series The Lake season 1 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

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The Lake was an uneven comedy that never found its stride in their freshman season. This is often an issue with streaming shows, with a shorter season, that can begin to find themselves as the season progresses.

Please, enjoy this recap of the Amazon Prime Video comedy series, The Lake!

Story Recap – what happened in The Lake season 1?

Episode 1

Instead of going to bible camp, Billie spends the summer with her biological father, who she has never met. He rents out a cottage near his former family cottage at the Lake. His father sold the home and refused to leave anything to Justin because he gave up his grandchild for adoption. From there, he runs into his former sister-in-law, Maisy. She inherited the home from Justin’s dad, her stepfather. This sets up the plot of the series. Killian shows them an amended will that says Justin inherits the cottage if Maisy ever leaves.

Episode 2

Justin finds out that he only gets the lake house if Maisy dies. So, since The Lake is not a revenge horror thriller, Justin lets town inspectors know that the house is not up to code. This will force Maisy to pay for renovations she cannot afford, even if Billie points out that flaw in his plan that he will not be able to afford the updates either. However, Maisy is one step ahead of him by inviting Justin to a dinner party and distracting him with his current crush, Riley. The episode ends with Justin vowing to ambush Maisy at the next board meeting.

Episode 3

Both Justin and Maisy’s plan failed for control over the Boat House presidency. It uses Jayne and Wayne’s popularity to undercut Maisy’s sometimes cold unlikability. Since Maisy sensed she was losing the crowd, she had Ulrika take her place and show on the vote. Now, Maisy must get her permits approved, but Justin counts on a delay. This means his step-sister will lose her deposits and may need to sell. Meanwhile, Killian and Billie grow closer as they conquer their fears at Raven’s Rock together.

Episode 4

The payoffs are heating up at The Lake. Gill (Jerry O’Connell), running for reelection, agrees with Ulrika’s “exotic” plants, helped along by Maisy. Now, Gill is taking bids to decide if the legacy house by the Lake is a farmhouse. Because if it is, it can be approved to be demolished. Gill begins to field offers from both. Gill will take a threesome with Justin and Riley or money from Maisy. However, Maisy is willing to offer up her husband as well. However, everything blows up in Justin’s face. Riley dumps him, and Maisy prevents Killian from seeing Billie. The episode ends with Justin’s best friend and Billie’s birth mother showing up and comforting her daughter.

Episode 5

The Lake begins to develop characters that show a caring side instead of a storyline fueled by vindication. Teesa councils Billie and convinces Maisy to allow Killian and her daughter to spend time without each other again. Justin is in there for Opal because his mother wants him to offer advice from someone that can provide her son a sense of community.

Episode 6

Justin brings Prank Day to The Lake because Billie is such a horror fan. The episode is an actual departure for the show and, honestly, an improvement. The horror film Cabin in the Woods inspires the prank, and when Justin wants to call it off, Maisy wants to keep it going. Why? So she can scare her so badly that she will never come back. If Billie doesn’t come back, Justin won’t either. Of course, Maisy convinces the owner to sell the house so Justin cannot rent it next year.

Episode 7

Billie convinces Justin to approach Maisy about buying him the family lakeside cottage. This way, they can repair the family, and Justin can put a down payment on renting the home. Of course, Maisy does not take the news well. She stranded them on a dock in the middle of the Lake and poisoned Justin’s coffee with dairy. This exasperated his IBS, and Maisy attempted to force him to tear up the trust. She will grab the boat and take him to the bathroom if he does because he is afraid of the lake water. The episode ends with them working out a deal. They will fight at the “Tiltapalooza” next week. If Justin wins, she will buy him out. If Maisy wins, he will tear up the legally binding document.

Episode 8

The Lake ends its season with Justin winning the tilt contest because Maisy tripped and fell backward. However, Riley buys the rental property. So this leaves Justin without a home, but he decides to give the money back to Maisy because he wants to mend fences between them. However, his gesture upsets Maisy because he calls the lawyer to take his name off the trust. This reverted the property to Maisy’s mother, Mimsy.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Amazon’s The Lake season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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