Spiderhead ending explained – will Jeff figure out what is going on at Spiderhead?

June 18, 2022
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This article explains the ending to the Netflix film Spiderhead, which will contain spoilers. 

Ready Steady Cut film critic, M.N. Miller, says, “Spiderhead spins a yarn that leads a web of underwhelming destinations.” 

The film Spiderhead is titled for a prison facility experimenting on voluntary prisoners. Why? To see the effects of its mind-altering drugs. The prisoners are promised a reduced sentence for their services. However, they carry such heavy backstories that it’s a form of self-punishment. For instance, Jeff is there because he killed his girlfriend and best friend. He was driving drunk and crashed into a tree. Jeff went through the windshield. His friend died instantly, and when he tried to pull his girlfriend out of the burning car, it exploded. She was killed, and he survived. Another prisoner, Lizzy (Jeff’s crush), is in prison because she left her daughter in the car for three hours while she went to work. The child died because of the heat.

They, and others, are under the supervision of Steve, who runs the facility and administers drugs that alter the subjects’ perceptions and emotions. One makes the pair sexually aroused despite not being attracted to each other. The social experiments even go as far as basing it on Jeff’s sexual experiences with two women. They then want him to pick which one is given a painful drug Darkenfloxx. This one causes physical and mental pain. When given one, a woman named Heather kills herself in front of Jeff, Steve, and Mark.

Jeff is left alone as both scientists go to check on Heather (who dies from cutting her throat and bleeding out). He finds Steve’s leather pocketbook. He opens it and sees that there are no higher-ups, but this is a pharmaceutical company and lab, not a prison, called Abnesti. Steve has a bingo card where he places gold star stickers and describes him as the key to the big drug, B-6.

Steve plans to market to the consumer to make a considerable profit. That other drugs ARE for compliance and are used to validate their main goal- to see if B-6 is indeed the drug that will make anyone obedient and do anything they are told. Each test gets stranger because the prisoners consent to them while on Spiderhead’s magic elixir.

Netflix film Spiderhead ending is explained

The film’s end has Steve giving Darkenfloxx to Lizzy, but Jeff has Mark program Steve’s dosage to his phone. He gives him B-6, fights Steve until he regains the upper hand, and saves Lizzy from killing herself. Steve also admits that Lizzy and Jeff’s sentences ended already, and he kept them there until he accumulated enough data to take B-6 to market. As they try to escape, Steve orders all the inmates to attack them because they are under OBDX. The couple finds a boat and escapes with the inmates, while Steve crashes his plane into a mountain. Mark brings the police into Spiderhead.

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