The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 9 recap – “Seven Bells”

By Adam Lock
Published: June 22, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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That pesky apocalypse finally arrives in another absolute blast of an episode. There’s more death and destruction to marvel at in this stellar penultimate episode.

This recap of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 9, “Seven Bells,” contains spoilers.

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Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the ruthless billionaire, has been given a second lease of life in season three, where he has been reborn in the Sparrows’ timeline. The Umbrella siblings were tortured and horrifically experimented upon because of this malicious man. His sinful ways continue in the Sparrow Academy universe as well, where Pogo has to drug Reginald just to keep him under control. Although, Klaus, unfortunately, reverses this spell, allowing the villain to return to his evil, old tricks. In “Seven Bells,” Reginald shows his true colors and falls back into old habits in this explosive penultimate episode.

The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 9 recap

If you’d forgotten the horrors that Reginald put the Umbrellas through, then the opening sequence may refresh your memories. He banished Luther to the moon for hundreds of days, where the poor half-ape/half-human was mentally tortured and painfully isolated. This flashback is integral in conveying Reginald’s twisted mind frame and has an added bonus in that it shows just how forgiving Luther can be. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Kugelblitz has now destroyed everything except the Hotel, which floats ominously in outer space. The gang is down to their last and only hope. They must decide to pursue Reginald’s dastard plan or accept their own demise. This debate comes after Reginald does his own persuasive sweet talking. He brings Viktor breakfast in bed and shares a drink with Five on the cliff’s edge. Allison apologizes to Luther and rallies the troops for one monumental vote.

Reginald reveals his crackpot plan before the surviving members cast their vote. His plan involves ringing seven bells to restore mankind to its former glory and save the universe. The only snag is that a crazy, killer Guardian protects these seven bells in a portal world, which is, of course, Hotel Oblivion, or as Reginald refers to it – Project Oblivion. The psychotic killer, who guards this dimension, chopped off two of Diego’s fingers and seems to massacre anyone or anything in its path. The siblings must decide on two very painful options: fight a monster to the death or vaporize in the impending apocalypse. Decisions, decisions.

While the super-humans contemplate their end, Allison apologizes to Viktor, and Five speaks with Luther about what he saw the night before. Five has vague recollections of seeing Reginald strike a deal with an unknown individual. Five suspects Reginald is up to no good, yet he doesn’t need to convince Luther of that. They all sense a trap, but it is one agonizing choice versus another. The gang is polarized.

The vote ends in a tie, four sides with Reginald (Ben, Allison, Lila, and Klaus) and four with(Diego, Viktor, Luther, and Sloane). With the deciding vote coming down to Five. He decides to stay and accept their fate, which means Reginald’s plan has failed. He needs seven people to ring the seven bells, so the mission is over, and the universe is now officially doomed. Allison storms off to cry in despair, and the rest just casually saunter away. However, Reginald has one last trick up his sleeve (literally). In another shocking twist, Reginald stabs Luther to death with some alien blade and adjusts the crime scene, so it would appear The Guardian committed the act. He wants the gang to unite over a common enemy, which works.

The ending

With the apocalypse only moments away, the gang rush into the mystery tunnel and head over to the other side and possibly a more painful, if delayed, death. We still have time for one more final horrific act from Reginald before the roll of the credits. He pushes Klaus back, stopping his son from entering the portal. Reginald says that Klaus is more trouble than he’s worth and sends him to a certain disaster. Episode nine ends with the most iconic, epic death yet. Klaus watches as the room is destroyed by the swirling black hole and consumed by outer space. He dives at the buffalo taxidermy and spears himself on its horn. What a truly cinematic finale to another ground-breaking installment.

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