The Man From Toronto ending explained – will Teddy and Toronto remain friends?

By Kira Comerford
Published: June 24, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Man From Toronto, so will contain major spoilers.

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The Man From Toronto follows the misadventures of a New York bum and an international assassin after their paths cross as a result of an AirBnB mix-up.

Following a huge showdown that prevents the assassination of the President of Venezuela, Teddy and Toronto head off in their separate ways. Teddy returns home to try to save his relationship with his wife who, unable to deal with the fact that he may never amount to anything, decides to put some space between her and their marriage for a while.

On his way to try and stop her from boarding a train out of town, Teddy is chased down by The Man from Miami – a rival of Toronto’s who they both crossed when they intervened in the Venezuelan assassination attempt. Miami runs him over, then proceeds to beat him in the street, until Toronto magically turns up and intervenes. However, it turns out that Miami is now the least of their problems, as Toronto’s old handler – disgruntled by a few failed assignments and his decision to steal his payment from her and the organization – has issued a kill order on him.

Netflix film The Man From Toronto ending explained

As the death squad assigned to the mission gather, Teddy and Toronto take things inside the gym where Teddy works, and a huge, ridiculous fight between the two men and all those sent to kill them ensues. Ultimately, they both manage to get away and return to their lives and remain unlikely friends having been bonded by this encounter for life.

The film picks up with both Teddy and Toronto a year later, where they are both still friends, with Teddy and his wife expecting a baby, and Toronto now living his childhood dream of running his own fancy restaurant.

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