Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between ending explained – what happens when they go off to college?

July 6, 2022
Amanda Guarragi 1
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between, which will contain spoilers. 

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After the grand final date between Aiden and Claire, they go their separate ways. They understand that they will always be important to each other, but it’s safer for them to be apart. As time goes on and they find their footing in their new places, they begin to understand the decision more and more. Aiden is now playing his music and living his life in California, while Claire is at Dartmouth studying, making new friends, and keeping an open mind during her first year. We see that they are growing as individuals and that it was a healthy decision. They will always remember the love that they shared and how important they are to one another. In today’s society, it’s almost impossible to forget someone or even get over them unless you remove them from all social media platforms. But since they ended their relationship maturely, they still see each other on social media. At one point, while Claire is scrolling, she sees that Aiden dropped new music and she ended up listening to the link. This prompted her to message him and compliment him on the song.

Netflix film Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between ending explained

When Claire returns home for the summer, Aiden does the same so they can be together. In a way, it’s almost like a long-distance relationship without the pressure of being in one. They both honoured each other’s wishes and still came back to each other because they knew they wanted to be together. The ending is vague, and there is no confirmation if they officially get back together, but it also doesn’t negate the time they already spent with each other for that year. They have beautiful memories together and they ended their story with an ellipsis. Their relationship could continue at any moment if they both wanted to come back to each other. They also recognize that young love is difficult to navigate, so why not stick a pin in the relationship and see how they feel later. This also explores how things are meant to happen, they will happen and they will happen naturally. Once people are connected, there’s no breaking that, especially if they are great communicators who reassure the other.

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