Dangerous Liaisons ending explained — will Tristan manage to corrupt Celene?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 8, 2022 (Last updated: July 9, 2022)
Dangerous Liaisons ending explained — will Tristan manage to corrupt Celene?

This article contains major spoilers for the Dangerous Liaisons ending.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller calls Dangerous Liaisons, “Nothing but a social media update of Cruel Intentions.

Dangerous Liaisons is a modern retelling of the the18th-century French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos. Still, it is just a social media update of its later adapting into Roger Krumble’s Cruel Intentions. This modern retelling follows Celene (played by Paolo Locatelli), who arrives in the elegant seaside town in southern France, called Biarritz. She meets Tristan (Simon Rerolle), who saves her dog. How? by pulling it out of the way from a moving car. Driving was a girl who is hilariously driving a colossal truck while recording a live Instagram video. He is a nice guy and tells him that her mother died, and her father is depressed. Also, even though she is 17 and engaged to be married.

Tristan is involved in a false relationship with Vanessa. They are a power couple using each other to develop a vast social media following and become power influencers who wield incredible power across their peer group and beyond. And now, since Vanessa is still licking her wounds from losing their annual challenge. She failed to sleep with the principal, so she lost her car to Tristan. This year’s challenge? For Tristan to corrupt the virtuous Celene. He must sleep with her, or he owes her his beach house. If he wins? He wins what can only be described as an all-access pass to Vanessa’s virtues that have become much less virtuous years prior.

This means, eventually, Celene will fall for Tristan, and she does. She goes on a date with him, and she lets him kiss her, but she runs out of the theatre, horrified she cheated on her fiancé. They have another encounter at the caves, where they kiss, and he tells him she is ending her engagement. Later, when she tries to join him in surfing, she falls off her board and is almost killed. He carries her to his home and warms her up by the fire. He is developing such strong feelings for her that when Vanessa tries to seduce him, his attraction to the virtuous Celene is stronger than to the seductress, Vanessa.

Netflix’s Dangerous Liaisons ending explained

Vanessa becomes jealous of Celene’s control over Tristan. When they confront each other, Vanessa mocks her audience, and Tristan talks about how wrong he was for what they planned. To garner pity from her fans, Vanessa then sends a social media story about how Tristan cheated on her with Celene, including videos of them making love and how hurt she was. However, she does not realize Tristan was taping her the entire time and sending that video out, foiling her revenge.

Tristan is now in love with Celene and tells her how he believes in soulmates. She fakes him by telling him she does not, then smiles and admits her joke. They are now together, and no longer will they live their lives secretly and on social media.

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