Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 4 recap – “Here’s Looking at You”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 12, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Filled with laughs, revelations, and more tantalizing clues to analyze, episode four is a riot, while Zoe Colletti makes for a great addition to the cast.

This recap of the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 4, “Here’s Looking at You,” contains spoilers.

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The plot thickens on Only Murders in the Building, with some juicy reveals and fresh, new clues in the on-going Bunny Folger case. Episode four introduces a new cast member and brings back an old one in another witty instalment. This may be the best episode yet, mixing heart, humor and investigative intrigue. Expect more elaborate plot twists from the hit mystery series.

Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 4 recap

“Here’s Looking at You” opens with a montage of moments from Lucy and Charles’ adorable partnership. Lucy (played by Zoe Colletti) was Charles’ surrogate daughter from a previous relationship. When he split up with Lucy’s mother, he was forbidden from communicating with the girl, which devastated Charles. They recently sparked up a new text chat though and Lucy wishes to meet up with the old father figure. However, Charles is slightly distracted, what with the podcast and his Brazzos reboot. He receives a round of applause from the crew on his first day on set, before making a rather awkward speech. The director informs him that his Uncle character will be wheelchair-bound and suffering from a ‘touch’ of dementia. Charles is upset by the last-minute script changes and storms off to his dressing room, where he meets the now teenage Lucy.

Oliver has his own parenting issues, son Will calls him up asking for help with a rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz play he’s directing. But Oliver says he’s too busy and finds himself in an elevator with Teddy (Nathan Lane), who has just been released from prison. Teddy calls the whole experience transformative, yet threatens to ruin Oliver for his involvement in his arrest.

Back at Charles’ flat and the actor is getting reacquainted with Lucy. Her mother remarried two weeks ago and Lucy thought she’d pay Charles a visit. Mabel and Oliver turn up to notify Charles about Teddy’s shock return and they are introduced to the chatty kid. Lucy is a huge fan and talks at rapid pace about her obsession with the podcast. Charles himself is overwhelmed by her sudden arrival and asks for Mabel’s help. Mabel doesn’t really understand the teen lingo either and struggles to fish out a reason for Lucy’s sudden appearance. They decide to make omelets to celebrate and Charles plays an LP he made many years ago.

Whilst cooking, Lucy pulls out a bloody knife that happens to be the missing murder weapon. In a comical sequence, the trio panic over this planted evidence and Oliver hurls the knife into the apartment ceiling. Lucy rushes off to the toilet and Howard calls. He explains that Nina gave him the shiner and that she is not to be trusted. He believes Nina is Bunny’s murderer. Howard then leaves and Lucy unearths another dark secret in the building.

The trio are called into the toilet where they find a hidden door that leads to a labyrinth of secret corridors and conveniently placed peep holes. These hidden hallways were first mentioned in the Arconia history lesson from episode 2 and are apparently amazing hide and seek locations Lucy used throughout her childhood. The gang (now a foursome) walk these passageways and do a little perving of their own. Oliver spies on Teddy, who has an argument with his son Theo and then weeps alone. The rest spy on Nina. The pregnant Board president can’t stop thinking about Bunny, whilst her partner says ‘she had to go’. There are blueprints for a modernizing of the Arconia handily on display behind them too, which further feeds into the idea that Nina is the killer. Unfortunately Charles forgets to record this incriminating conversation.

Lucy ponders the idea that Nina may confess in her hormonal state, so the furious four head on over to her apartment with a dismal gift basket. Before they can force a confession, Nina’s waters break and Charles hastily calls 911. He uses his soothing voice and an actually emotive speech to calm Nina, with Lucy watching on in awe. She wishes Charles was her legitimate father and tells him he’s her favorite out of all the past dads.

The ending

In an exciting finale, Lucy reveals her whereabouts the night of Bunny’s murder. She was actually in the building hoping to catch up with Charles. He blew her off though and she retired to the hidden corridors instead. Here she caught the killer making his escape. In the final shocking scene, Charles meets up with Jan, who is incarcerated thanks to the trio, asking for her help solving the case.

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