My Daughter’s Killer review – a fathers love turns into a 30 year obsession

By Romey Norton
Published: July 12, 2022 (Last updated: January 21, 2024)


We follow the story of a father bringing his daughter’s killer to justice — through all means necessary. 

Netflix true-crime documentary My Daughter’s Killer was released on the streaming service on July 12, 2022. 

Netflix has released its latest crime-thriller documentary My Daughter’s Killer, where we follow the story of a dedicated father who fights for decades to bring his daughter’s killer to justice. This spine-chilling saga takes us across France and Germany, desperately seeking justice for a 14-year-old girl who tragically lost her life. 

There is a powerful interest in the genre of crime and murder, with Netflix, Amazon and other streaming sites creating documentaries for our growing viewing needs. Fortunately, and unfortunately there are hundreds of stories of interest, and this is a harrowing and fascinating one. 

The documentary is focused around André Bamberski’s fight for justice in the 1980s when his daughter was killed and lawful procedures were overturned. This story is emotive, powerful, and frustrating. Kalinka Bamberski was only 14 when she was murdered in 1982 in Lindau, Germany. We are led to believe she was killed by her stepfather Dieter Krombach, who has always proclaimed his innocence. He was arrested but let go due to a lack of evidence. Evidence, we learn, that has been purposefully removed. Andre was so distraught that he put signs around the neighbourhoods slating Dieter, who then sued him for defamation.

The first part of the documentary leads you into seeing a desperate father who’s looking for any reason for his daughter’s death, as he won’t accept natural causes, and I thought that Andre was really pushing for answers that might not be there. Then as the documentary continues, you follow the story of the Stepfather and his corruption and you really root for Andre to find and uncover the truth. Dieter was a seedy, creepy, manipulative man, who took advantage of people. He was a doctor, by profession, and many victims spoke out against him, with allegations of sexual assault and rape. Here, you can decide whether you think he was responsible for the death of his stepdaughter. 

Later, Andre paid kidnappers to bring Dieter to France where he could be properly extradited. This begs the questions, can we do bad in order to do good things? Is it worth doing something illegal, horrible, in order to potentially get a good outcome? It’s a difficult story which will leave you with mixed feelings and emotions as you try to see all sides. This documentary will have you questioning your morals, and asking yourself what are you capable of doing for your children?

Like most crime documentaries we have interviews with family, friends, police, investigators, lawyers and reporters at that time, all giving an insight and opinion into what happened and how Andre navigated and made choices into trying to find justice. What’s really important and interesting to watch is that Andre himself is in the documentary, talking us through his personal experience, thoughts and emotions at that time. We’re really getting a first-class insight into this tragic story. 

At one hour and twenty-four minutes you can certainly get your crime binge from watching this documentary. For me, it’s a story of a passionate father who needed answers but tried to get them in ways which made him a criminal. Therefore, is there really any justice? I really enjoyed watching this documentary. It’s a sad story with an emotional drive and is well worth watching. 

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