Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons Season 1 Review – a creative and mind-blowing look at an iconic brand

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons is a docuseries you won’t want to miss. While uneven in structure, the story is too fascinating to ignore.

Hulu docuseries Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons will be released on the streaming service on July 14, 2022. 

Everyone knows the brand Victoria’s Secret, but in the docuseries coming out, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons on Hulu, we will find out about the man behind the machine. So, is the series worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

The series is in three parts. From the series’ synopsis, we know that the first is about creating the iconic franchise, the second is about “The Secret Friend,” and the last is about the Tarnished Angels.

Throughout the first episode of the docuseries, we learn much about how the Victoria’s Secret brand was built. But, before we get into the bad of Les Wexner, you can’t help but be impressed with how he made this iconic franchise. From the Forenza sweater to how he got his product made in a way that made the value affordable to everyone, down to how his stores were modeled, Wexner knew what he wanted to do and was going to make it happen.

However, when Jeffrey Epstein walked into Wexner’s life, he took it over. Wexner gave Epstein power of attorney over his personal finances. Wexner was known as an intelligent man who knew what he was doing, so no one could figure out why he gave the control he did to Epstein.

In episode two, we meet Ed Razek, who was on the Hollywood side of the business. Every move they made was strategic, and they had a plan for how these models looked, walked, and even promoted themselves. Next, we see Tyra Banks say, “I told my model agency to call Victoria’s Secret because it put models on the map.” Of course, while signing the contract, you had to promote every single brand, and they made sure that these models were getting paid lucratively, making them the brand EVERYONE wanted to work for.

In the final episode, we learn much about the downfall of Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately, Wexner didn’t care that the image of a woman was changing and started to get more and more full of himself. Quickly one of the most intelligent men in fashion became something of the past. When we move to the downfall of Wexner/Epstein, this part of the documentary is INSANE. The connections, the money, and the relationship were all something that is not surprising because Epstein was the type of guy that could talk his way into anything. This was easily the best episode of the three-part series.

A few things I speak about with documentaries or docuseries are not overstaying your welcome, being structured, and making sure you never take your eye off the documentary’s subject. Director Matt Tyrnauer checked two of these three boxes. First, the idea of keeping this down to three episodes was brilliant because it never felt like it overstayed its welcome. Next, he did a great job keeping his eye on the documentary’s subject. Everything shot and talked about was focused on Victoria’s Secret/Wexner. However, I didn’t love the story’s structure as it was all over the place. It should’ve started at the build, introduced the Epstein components, and got to that last episode with the downfall. I enjoyed every aspect of this docuseries, besides this.

Overall, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons is one of those documentaries that we will be talking about for a long time. What Wexner built was nothing short of incredible and how he let it all slip through his fingers is something I will never understand. As ahead of the game as they were, they got left behind fast. It tarnished what was once the go-to place to shop for women.

What do you think of the Hulu docuseries Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons? Comment below.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Hulu. 

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