Persuasion (2022) ending explained – do we truly know if we choose the right one?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 15, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Persuasion (2022), which will contain spoilers.

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The one thing that Jane Austen has always done is show the different forms love can take. There are different perspectives from everyone involved in one of her love stories. The ending of Persuasion is interesting, to say the least. Until the very end of this film, Anne is convinced that Frederick is set to marry Louisa. And if Austen is famous for anything, it’s to have a miscommunication manifest into something bigger.

Once Frederick hears Anne talking about a woman’s love to be hopeful in front of Frederick, he leaves abruptly and then hands over a letter. In this letter, Frederick expresses his feelings for Anne that he is too afraid to speak about because he believes she is set to marry Mr. Elliot. In a change of events, Anne rushes after Frederick and tells him that she still loves him too. Therefore, Anne chooses Frederick over Mr. Elliot. Of course, while watching this movie, Henry Golding’s Mr. Elliot appears to be the more suitable bachelor for Anne because of their connection. But, for some reason, that’s not how things turn out. 

Netflix film Persuasion (2022) ending explained

However, that’s not the most interesting part about this ending. The montage at the end with Anne’s voice-over explaining different forms of love is what truly made this adaptation worth it. Everyone has their own story, their own experiences with love that has made them the person they are in the present day. Whether they are marrying for status, for love, or the total opposite and they choose to remain single, are individual choices that are made. No one should be telling others whom to love, or how to love for that matter.

At the beginning of Anne’s love story with Frederick, she was advised not to marry him because of his status, and now, she wouldn’t let him set sail again, without telling him how she truly felt and that status never mattered to her in the first place. Everyone falls in and out of love for different reasons. There is no right way to do anything and that is the takeaway from this movie. Jane Austen never fails to teach her audience about love, and that’s why her adaptations are so important. 

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