Zombies 3 ending explained – Addison finds where she belongs

By Nicole Ackman
Published: July 16, 2022
Zombies 3 ending explained - Addison finds where she belongs

This article discusses the ending of the Disney+ film Zombies 3 and contains spoilers.

Zombies 3 (2022) marks the ending to the Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies trilogy. Addison and Zed are in their senior year and are confronted with a new group of people who’ve come from outer space. From our review:

The humans, zombies, and werewolves now living in relative peace for preparing for a big football game and for the cheer-off that Addison has organized in which teams from all over will come together for a friendly competition. However, the appearance of a UFO with blue-haired aliens whose home planet has been destroyed puts a change in their plans. Alien panic ensues from everyone but the ever-tolerant and kind Addison, until they announce that they’ve come for the cheer-off.

Zombies 3 ending explained

Addison eventually discovers that she is the granddaughter of one of the aliens, who was sent to scout for a new planet. Her grandmother’s hair turned white after many years on Earth, hence Addison’s blindingly white hair. However, she is disappointed to discover that she doesn’t seem to have the spark that is the key to utilizing their powers.

The zombies, humans, and werewolves agree to help the aliens find what they’re looking for: the thing most precious to Seabrook in which Addison’s grandmother hid the map to their ideal planet. They realize that the cheer trophy might be the key and Addison wins the competition. In the meantime, Addison is learning how to tap into her powers — but it means that any time she touches Zed, he receives an electric shock, forcing them apart.

However, they realize that the map isn’t in an item at all, but rather is in Addison’s DNA as she was the thing most precious to her beloved grandmother. They declare that they also need her as their leader to take them to the paradise they’re looking for.

With the help of Addison and Zed as human conduits and the werewolves’ moonstones, the aliens are able to recharge their mother-ship to full power. The decision for Addison to leave is difficult; she’s giving up going to college, seeing her parents (after her mom’s reveal that she also has white hair from being part alien), and her boyfriend. Zed offers to go with the aliens, but they explain that his non-alien body won’t be able to handle space travel.

After tearful goodbyes, the aliens finally realize that their scout thought that Earth was the perfect place for them and they all decide to return to Seabrook. Addison is reunited with her friends and boyfriend on the day of graduation and she and Zed prepare for the future together, putting a happy resolution to the whole series.

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