Virgin River season 4 – what happened to Paige and Christopher?

July 20, 2022
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This article, “what happened to Paige and Christopher,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4.

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Season four sees the return of Paige Lassiter, who has been absent for well over a season now in Virgin River. There’s also a brief appearance from her son Christopher who left in perilous circumstances at the end of season three. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this mother and son combo, with the writers only vaguely addressing this subplot in the latest instalment. Let’s analyze what we do know about their current whereabouts and the circumstances that led to their surprising return.

Virgin River season 4 – what happened to Paige and Christopher?

Paige (played by Lexa Doig) left Virgin River after killing her abusive husband Wes, fleeing as a fugitive. When she returns late in season four, she explains where she has been in the meantime, informing Preacher that she has been staying at a women’s shelter with free legal aid. Paige left her son Christopher in the guardianship of Preacher. He looked after Christopher until disaster struck in the season three finale.

Sally, a so called friend of Paige’s, drugged Preacher and helped Christopher’s Uncle and Wes’ twin brother Vince kidnap the boy and escape. Preacher hired a private investigator to hunt down Vince, hoping to return Christopher to his care. The case was stalling though and all he received was some CCTV footage of Vince, which he showed to Jack. This triggered a forgotten memory, revealing Vince to be the one who shot Jack after all, whilst looking for his brother Wes.

Preacher doesn’t hear anything more in the investigation until Christopher calls him out of the blue. The boy says that Vince is acting strangely and that he wants to come home. Preacher asks Christopher to describe his location, but he hangs up before revealing any useful information. Mike tries to trace the call. He tells Preacher that Sally has been tracked down. Apparently, she was coerced into drugging Preacher by Vince, who threatened to kill her if she didn’t comply. Sally may know where Vince is, but is too scared to say.

When Paige pays Preacher a visit, she explains that she has been in contact with Sally too. She was told that Vince only used Christopher to get to Paige. He wants to know what happened to his brother. Vince offers a swap, Paige for Christopher. Paige accepts, yet Preacher is against this reckless plan. He uses the GPS coordinates and hunts down the criminal himself. Although he is too late and the cabin is empty.

Christopher returns to Preacher, passing the father figure a letter from Paige. In this note, she states that she has left with Vince and wants Preacher to look after her son for good. Preacher bypasses the law and heads straight for the cabin alone. He finds Vince and Paige inside and a tussle ensues. Preacher manages to unarm and knock out the criminal, saving Paige’s life.

It would appear that Christopher is back in Preacher’s custody now and that Paige’s worries are finally over. Vince will likely be arrested, with Mike and the force on the way. It is unclear what will happen to Paige though, will she admit to killing Wes or return to a life on the run?

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