Virgin River season 4 – who is Melissa Montgomery?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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This article, “who is Melissa Montgomery,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4.

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Kingpin Calvin has been mysteriously quiet in season four of Virgin River, but a new shadowy character looks set to replace the drug dealer in screen time and job title. This elusive addition to the cast is known as Melissa Montgomery, who plays a substantial role in the latest instalment, although she still manages to remain surprisingly secretive. So who exactly is Melissa Montgomery and what are her many secrets?

Virgin River season 4 – who is Melissa Montgomery?

We are first introduced to the name of Melissa Montgomery long before she makes an actual appearance in the show. Brie and detective Mike are trying to track down the individual who posted the extensive bail for our poor, framed Brady, as the person’s whereabouts are kept under wraps. Brie somehow wrangles a license plate belonging to a Melissa Montgomery.

Next time we meet Melissa in the flesh, when she pays Brady a visit in person at the company’s base. She claims to be the new boss, with Calvin receiving a demotion for unknown reasons. Melissa states she will be running the drug operation from now on and wants Brady to take a more hands on approach, dealing with the illegal side of the business too. Brady is trying to take the right path and refuses, but Melissa brings up girlfriend Brie as collateral in proceedings. She’s a fiery, older lady, who carries an air of authority about her. Brady feels threatened and accepts.

Melissa turns up at Brady’s home next, with news on Calvin’s demise. She talks about Calvin’s death, implying that she was the one who orchestrated the explosion. It is unclear whether she killed him to usurp the kingpin and take leadership or if it was down to a disagreement or some other reason entirely. She tells Brady to fall in line and get involved in the criminal enterprise or end up like Calvin. We don’t actually see Brady’s active involvement in the business, but it is highly likely that he follows his new boss’s orders.

Our final appearance from Melissa comes in the finale, making for quite the shocking twist ending. Jack and Mel are at a fancy restaurant celebrating with investor Nick and his wife Jo Ellen, when Nick mentions his sister joining the party. His sister happens to be non-other than Melissa Montgomery. This criminal boss has ties to legitimate businessman Nick, who is close friends with most of Virgin River’s main players. It is quite a big surprise that will surely be explored further in the next season.

A follow-up season may be able to provide further information on this mysterious woman. So far, all we know is that she is the new boss, that she had Calvin killed and is related to a respected businessman. She must be a shrewd and smart individual to keep up this act and hide so many lies. Melissa is also a venomous killer, who effortlessly offs one of the show’s greatest villains. There must be more in store for this new addition to the cast.

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