Surface season 1, episode 2 recap – “Muscle Memory”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 29, 2022
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The thriller continues to eke out information and plant doubt in all of our cast of creepy characters. Another intricate and dramatic offering that teases many more mysteries to come.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Surface season 1, episode 2, “Muscle Memory,” contains spoilers.

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The plot thickens on Surface in the second installment, as Sophie starts to remember specific memories from her past and struggles to trust those closest to her. It’s another fascinating watch that ups the creepy intensity while still delving into Sophie’s trauma with empathy and depth.

Surface season 1, episode 2 recap

“Muscle Memory” begins with more of those faded, hazy recollections. This time Hannah has Sophie work backwards through her memories to the event itself. She sees a blurry figure at the boat’s edge and starts to question if it was a suicide attempt or if she was pushed. Therapist Hannah believes this could just be a manifestation though, a scape goat for Sophie so she doesn’t have to face her responsibilities, but Sophie thinks otherwise.

Sophie discusses the hypnotherapy session with husband James and explains the importance of revisiting the accident. James isn’t an idiot, he feels under attack, like she is questioning his involvement somehow. He tells her to ask him any of her burning questions and Sophie doesn’t hold back. She asks about the ICU, the day she woke up and his whereabouts on the day of her suicide attempt. James says he was at an annual conference in Portland, yet the seed has been planted. James is suspicious of Sophie and vice versa.

Officer Baden spies on Sophie outside her house, following her every move and he even hires a valet to pull the data off of James’ car. He’s highly suspicious of James as well and wants all the information he can collate on the wealthy businessman. The valet gets him GPS co-ordinates, dates and times of everywhere James drove in the last six months.

Sophie does her own investigating, phoning James’ office for information. His assistant is unaware of this conference in Portland and can’t seem to find anything on his schedule. Sophie tries to check their bank account details too, but she is locked out of all online banking. This controlling husband really does have a hold over her every movement. She has no money of her own, nowhere to turn. At the dinner table that night, she brings up the bank account issues and James admits to filing for conservatorship. James is in charge of her finances and didn’t think to mention it to his wife, how very suspicious indeed.

At therapy, Hannah suggests a change of scenery and Sophie manages to organize a getaway with best friend Caroline. She’s clearly playing happy families now, putting on a façade in front of husband James, but secretly you can tell she’s lost all faith in her partner. On the trip, Sophie asks Caroline lots of questions, broaching the topic of horse riding and her own ‘old’ personality. Caroline remains vague throughout and conveys a similar suspicious vibe to that of James’.

Whilst horse riding, Sophie has flashbacks, which include a woman even referring to her as Tess. Whatever Sophie does, she seems to have an inkling of her past. She knew where to find Baden, she knew she liked horse riding. Her memories seem lost, but she has an undeniable intuition for these things. Sophie asks Caroline more about her own personality, about James and her marriage. Again, her friend doesn’t really say much, but admits to sensing that Sophie was having an affair. All the while, James watches from CCTV cameras hooked up to his phone, like some eerie super-villain.

The ending

Back at home and Sophie continues her sleuthing, researching the Portland conference James supposedly attended. There is no proof whatsoever that he was there and when she overhears an incriminating phone call between Caroline and James, all hope seems lost. Caroline stresses that Sophie is starting to remember things, that she is asking far too many questions and they need to get their story straight. It’s an enthralling ending that sets up the chaos that is sure to ensue.

In the final scene, Sophie confronts Baden about his stalking. She says that he was right, she can’t trust anyone. Baden says that James’ alibi is a lie and Sophie agrees. The officer asks her to come with him, so he can explain everything and she happily obliges. Where was James the day of Sophie’s accident and what information does Baden have on him? It’s all heating up on Surface and I’m dying for some answers.

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