The Entitled ending explained — will Belinda fit in with her new family?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 30, 2022
The Entitled ending explained — will Belinda fit in with her new family?

Ready Steady Cut film critic calls The EntitledA cringe-worthy sophomoric comedy.

The Entitled follows a young woman who has been estranged from her father. Her name is Belinda (played by YouTube sensation Alex Gonzaga). She is the Dumb & Dumber type, so much so that I thought she may have absorbed her equally stupid twin in the womb with a rare case of vanishing twin syndrome, making her twice as dumb for it. Belinda is full of awkward consternation. Her father, Enrico (Johnny Revilla), hired his attorney Jacob (JC De Vera), to bring her back home to him. Enrico is a hotel magnate. But unlike Donald Trump, he has a heart of gold. He is wealthy and married to a younger woman, Matilda (Ara Mina). They are raising a daughter of their own, Caitlyn (Andrea Abaya), a bratty, spoiled child who plays cruel pranks on the main character.

Even though, as Mr. Pitt said on Seinfeld that too much grace would make you fall over, Belinda is one of a kind with zero social graces. She farts, constantly scratches her crotch, and frequently is dry heaving or being spit on. Despite this, Matilda and Enrico attempt to refine her so she can be an apprentice at his hotel company. Belinda is asked by her father to train to be a vice president in his company. The shenanigans ensue, but as Jacob supervises her training, her behavior drives her mad (like telling coworkers at a meeting she has to take a dump). He sees she has a sweet and kind heart. She can relate to others. In short, Jacob falls in love with her.

Unfortunately, when Belinda finishes her training in a remarkable amount of time without really doing anything, she makes a speech at the next shareholders’ meeting. There, Belinda f-bombs the crowd. To make matter worse, Caitlyn gives her a drink. It is spiked with what I can only assume may be a Rohypnol or similar drug. That is when we learn that Matilda hired Jacob to find Belinda and make her a patsy so she can steal 30 pesos dollars (around 540,000 American dollars) from Enrico because she signed a prenup before they married. Matilda initially recruited Jacob to help her with the deal. He would be promoted to COO by the board. He no longer wants to be a part of this deal, but Matilda tells him if she backs out, she will tell Enrico he was behind it all.

Belinda swears it wasn’t her, but her father does not believe her. She goes back to her family, who makes a living fishing. Eventually, Jacob goes to Enrico and admits to what he did. Enrico says he knows it was him (this is their Fredo moment) after he did his investigation. Eventually, he goes to visit Belinda. He apologizes and wants her to return, but she decides to stay. Belinda will finish school and then work for his company.

Netflix’s The Entitled ending explained

Jacob visits Belinda to tell her that he is in love with her. At first, she rejects him, and he walks away. However, when she realizes that he said he resigned from the company, she takes this as a romantic gesture he truly loves her. Apparently, for her, he is accepting the fact that she has a severe case of gastrointestinal issues outweighs the concern he tried to frame her for fraud and embezzlement. They give each other a “five-second kiss,” and the film ends as we presume they will live happily together.

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