Wedding Season ending explained – what it means to truly be happy

August 4, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2023)
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Wedding Season and will contain spoilers.

The ending of Wedding Season has Asha and Ravi come together despite their differences. The online dating profile that both of their parents made were embellished to make their children sound better than they are. The only difference is that Ravi completely lied to everyone and Asha has her trust issues. Once someone has closed themselves off to trusting another person, it’s hard to fully put your trust in someone else to love. The big family comes together because of a miscommunication over some big news, and this is the blowout that usually happens in all romantic comedies. The truth comes out and then relationships alter.

Asha’s main goal after she broke off her engagement was to get financial backing for her initiative. She put her work first because she genuinely cares about helping other women. No one believed in her until Ravi stepped in and used his Red Star charity to help fund her initiative. But, he went behind her back to do it and didn’t tell her how he was financially stable being a DJ. All of this came out and she couldn’t understand how he didn’t trust her with this information. 

Netflix film Wedding Season ending explained

The beauty of Wedding Season is that this all happened quite naturally between Asha and Ravi. There were no expectations and they just got to know each other as friends first. Naturally, those feelings begin to develop because of how natural and effortless the relationship is.

Once Asha has a discussion with her mother about her happiness, she realizes that her own mother had to put away a piece of her when she was in love with someone else before her father. Her mother wanted her two daughters to find their happiness and put so much pressure on them to choose the right person. That generation looks at stability in a different way and marriage as financial gain, but Asha teaches her mother that she is stable on her own and has the means to support herself. This ending has two different ideals of what happiness looks like and shows that a relationship can work. So seeing Asha and Ravi together after seeing their differences is sweet. It proves that it’s the person and not the boxes people need to check to be happy. 

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