Darlings ending explained – does Badru escape from Hamza?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 6, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Darlings, which will contain spoilers.

The ending of Darlings really does play into the dark comedy aspect of the movie. Badru wants Hamza to hurt as much as she did. That’s how much anger was inside her after enduring years of abuse. After losing her daughter because Hamza pushed her down the stairs, she devises a plan to get back at him. She sedates him and then keeps him tied up at the table.

She knows exactly what she needs to do to make herself feel better. The power has shifted in the household and now she has control over him and any situation. She does the same thing to him as he has done to her, as he pleads with her not to hurt him. There are a million scenarios that run through her head and her mother helps her through it all. 

Netflix film Darlings ending explained

After recording Hamza’s confession and forcing his hand to post it on social media, she sedates him again. This time she ties him up on a train track to let a train run over him. She watched him as the train was about to come and thought about all of the abuse that she endured. Why did she stoop to his level? She became just like him and she would just watch him die, and then carry that with her forever?

Instead, she unties him and uses her voice to drown him out. He is pleading with her to take him back and that he will change, but she casts him away. He starts to get heated with her, and he walks back on the track without even realizing it. Then, a train ends up hitting him and he dies. Not by Badru’s hand, but by his anger and disdain towards his ex-wife. What this shows is that karma does come full circle, if you trust your gut and stick by your principles. 

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