Reclaim (2022) ending explained – can the woman find her sense of self again?

By Kira Comerford
Published: August 6, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Reclaim (2022), so it will contain major spoilers.

Reclaim follows a woman in need of a bigger house that she believes will help her to keep her whole family happy, but in trying to find this solution, she realises that she hasn’t given any thought to herself or her own happiness for a very long time.

Our female protagonist begins her quest to take back control of her life after everything reaches boiling point. All of her efforts to maintain her family’s happiness at the expense of her own becomes too much after a failed investment, and after something of a meltdown at the realisation she gambled far too much, she visits her own mother and reflects on how her life has turned out, compared to what could’ve been.

Netflix film Reclaim (2022) ending explained

In the flurry of her thoughts, she has the realization that she cannot expect to be there for herself as long as everyone around them thinks she is just for them; that there is power in a little bit of selfishness. 

When she returns home from visiting her mother, she takes the first steps to living everyday life for herself, and not for everyone else. When her daughter asks for something, she provides her with all of the information she needs in order to provide it for herself, rather than jumping into fetching it for her straightaway; when her son calls, she doesn’t answer, knowing full-well that he will have a series of demands that he’ll want fulfilling immediately. All of this comes alongside her husband having the realization in his wife’s absence that he has taken her for granted for far too long, and as a result, he decides to show her a gesture of gratitude. There is a sense of contentment and satisfaction as this woman’s world makes an effort to bend to her needs for once, instead of the other way round as has always been the case.

Reclaim ends in a way that is far more respectful and considerate of this woman – with her family seated around the dinner table waiting for her to sit and join them rather than treating her like the servant she had been for so long prior to that moment. She is now living life for her. 

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