Heartsong ending explained – what happens with Mirze and his love?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 11, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Heartsong and will contain spoilers.

Mirze struggled to accept the fact that his love was lost. He returned to his city after his wife died to rekindle some form of relationship with his true love. The most heartbreaking aspect about Heartsong is the fact that he has so much love to give, and he was able to open up to these two women in different ways. But to his old flame, it was a soulmate type of love, something deep and all-consuming.

Some things just come straight from the heart; it can be a deep look, it can be a caress, but more importantly, it could just be a feeling you can’t describe. Mirze’s old flame is this stuffed doll that is used as a placeholder for his lover.

Since she is dead. And everyone failed to break the news to him. At the end of this film, Mirze lies with this stuffed doll on the ground, as if he wants to lay with her and die too. He explains that he is completely broken and lost without her in his life and that he would just want to be wherever she is. 

Netflix film Heartsong ending explained

On top of that, Sümbül is still running from her husband, even after she got married to Piroz in their intimate way. She has been taken in by Mirze and the rest of the family.

Since she escaped, her ex-husband has been trying to find her. And instead of killing her, he ends up shooting Mirze. So Mirze, in a way, got his wish to be with his lover, even though it happened in the worst way possible.

Mirze died in front of all his kids, and the most beautiful moment of the entire film was at the end when they all started singing for him as Sümbül started singing from her heart. Sometimes people can connect to others emotionally and have more of a connection to them than others because of it. They will always remember that Mirze lived life to the fullest and with an open heart.

He never wanted anything bad to happen to anyone and always taught his children to be open to others and accepting of new experiences. 

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