A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 7 Recap — “Full Count”

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
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“Full Count” is a standout episode for Abbie Jacobson.

A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 7 starts with Greta worried about Jo because she has not returned. It turns out that Lupe and Jess are still missing as well. When Jo does show up, she is in handcuffs and has a bruise on her head. Beverly informs the team that Jo has been traded to the Blue Sox. Carson objects, but Beverly pulls her aside. It’s no longer safe for Jo in Rockford, and Beverly had to pay the paper out of her pocket to keep her name out to spare the league embarrassment.

Typically, Jo would be labeled as a sexual invert. They would publish her name to “protect the public.” Jo leaves, even though Greta wants her to run away with her. However, Jo says she is a star in the league and is no longer her sidekick.

A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Maxine visits the factory, and it meets the all-stars day to promote the business. That’s when Maxine sees one of the teams has a woman playing for them. It turns out it’s the same woman she hooked up with at Bertie’s party. The scene doesn’t play out like I thought it would. They exchange pleasantries; Maxine tells her how she is a good dancer. That’s when Clance walks up and tells Esther she is a great baseball player. Immediately, Esther is territorial. Max takes offense, and when Esther tells her to let her arm do the talking, she lets it rip, taking the star out of the giant advertisement inside the factory. However, Esther walks away, overconfident, saying how she must go back to her team.

However, they come to an understanding later. Max explains that she never really was given a shot to play. Even though she loves it so much while watching them, Esther pretends to have an injury, and instead of forfeiting, they would have less than nine players, they call Max out to pitch. She promptly strikes out every batter she faces.

Luckily, Jess and Lupe were not at the bar but had been looking for Esti all night. Eventually, they find her at the bus station, and she initially refuses to go with them. However, Jess convinces her as long they teach her to drive on the way back. The conversation between Lupe and Esti is interesting. I cannot tell if this is a sexual attraction or if they have a big sister vibe. Eventually and predictably, they crash Beverly’s car, and she does not have a spare. While waiting for Jess to return, Lupe opens up about her past.

Esti has the eyes of her daughter, who she was forced to give up back home. Therefore, she has been so cruel to hear because she serves as a reminder of her greatest regret. There was a spare; Jess used that excuse to give them time to patch things up.

At home, Carson keeps apologizing to Greta, but she is upset. She says this was a mistake and just a fling. That’s when Charlie shows up, and Greta sees them together. They leave to go back to his hotel room. When they arrive, it’s awkward, but Carson eventually jumps in but accidentally gives him a bloody nose. She hides in the bathroom for a while, but he draws her out by making her laugh. It’s like old times. When he goes to shower, she begins to put his clothes away from his suitcase.

A League of Their Own Season 1 Episode 7 Ending

That’s when he finds the letter she sent him. A few episodes back, he told her he never received it. He knows she has been unhappy and woke up at halftime, thinking she would be gone by morning. It turns out that Charlie has been a hospital because of Efforts Syndrome and couldn’t process what he saw like his fellow soldiers. They then talk about what they want out of life. He wants to move their bed near the south end of the house, with the window view. Carson wants to keep playing baseball. That means putting off a family, and they hug. Are we to assume he is okay with this?

The episode ends with Carson finding Greta at the train station. She convinces Greta to come back and try to win a championship. Maxine is offered a spot on the All-Star’s roster and traveling team. Carson heads back to the house and talks to the team. Poor Charlie is left in his hotel room, alone. Finally, Carson enters her room, and Shirley reads the bible. She looks at Carson and says, “I know about you.”

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