Rogue Agent ending explained – will Freegard be brought to justice?

August 13, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the AMC+ film Rogue Agent and will contain spoilers.

Rogue Agent is a fictionalized account of the British conman Robert Hendy-Freegard, who kidnapped and extorted money from people by claiming to be an MI5 agent. It stars James Norton as Freegard and Gemma Arterton as Alice Archer, one of his victims who pursues him after realizing his crimes.

From our review:

Rogue Agent isn’t as thrilling as you would expect from the story it’s based on, but it focuses on Freegard’s victims and the personal toll that his fraud and abuse took on them. It never attempts to justify his actions or even delves into his motives, more interested in the women and men that he targeted. Norton and Arterton’s strong performances make up for the sometimes lackluster script, making Rogue Agent a compelling watch. 

AMC+ film Rogue Agent ending explained

After absconding with the money that Alice had placed in the bank account meant for their joint business venture, Freegard moves onto his next victim. He seduces an American psychologist named Jenny (Sarah Goldberg) and convinces her to ask her parents for the money to pay off her student debt, which he says might keep her from being hired for an analyst position in the MI5. He forcibly makes her quit taking her depression medication and her body is ravaged by withdrawal symptoms.

Meanwhile, Alice is determined to pursue Freegard to get closure for herself and protect future potential victims. She enlists the help of a police officer (Julian Barratt) who eventually introduces her to Special Agent Sandy Harland (Edwina Findley), as the American Embassy has become concerned about the disappearance of Jenny. Alice makes a deal to work with Sandy, provided that she can be the one to deal directly with Freegard’s victims.

They are able to contact Sophie, who has been sleeping rough waiting to find out that she’s been accepted into the MI5, through a phone call and go to find her. Alice is careful to work around the way that Sophie was brainwashed by Freegard and gets her help locating his hideout. Sandy, Alice, and Sophie arrive just as Freegard has received the money from Jenny’s parents and is planning to abscond with it.

He comes face to face with Alice, reiterating to her that she’s the only one that he ever actually loved. However, she’s not swayed by his words and he attempts to drive away. However, Sophie drives their car into his way, stopping him from leaving. Alice reunites Sophie with her parents who are thrilled to have their daughter back.

The film ends with Alice speaking at Freegard’s trial two years later. She’s now the director of a company that leases luxury cars to corporate clients, the business that she and Freegard had discussed starting together. He is sent to jail, but a guard asks him about rumors that he’s a member of the MI5 on a mission and promises him special treatment. The end credits reveal that the real Freegard was released from prison in 2009 and returned to his fradulent ways.

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