Royalteen ending explained – does Lena get her dream fulfilled?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 17, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Royalteen and will contain spoilers.

The ending of Royalteen shows that Lena has come to terms with the fact that she is a young mother. The twist in the movie is that her little brother that she looks after is her son. Kalle’s sister is the one who ends up threatening her with releasing the news to everyone for her to stay away from her brother. Lena has to come clean and not be ashamed of her situation anymore because she wants this to work out with Kalle.

But before she ends up outing herself and her son, she pushes Kalle away with some pretty hurtful words. In doing so she feels like she can’t be away from him and does post a video for everyone to see right before prom.

Even though she is a young mother and she feels like everything does fall on her, she also acknowledges that men also have a hard time deciding on what to do as well. Men and women are both affected when a pregnancy is involved because it is such a big responsibility.

Netflix film Royalteen ending explained

What Lena does, in the end, is noble and honest because she finally comes clean. In doing so people reach out to her and become even closer friends with her because of what she must have gone through. They all want her to go to prom and some friends even insisted on picking her up and going. Everyone rallied behind her and it’s such a sweet thing to see after what she has gone through.

She wears a beautiful dress and goes to prom because she deserves it. At the prom, Lena and Kalle end up getting back together, but his sister is the one who is having a difficult time with it. She ends up collapsing on the floor and having a seizure, which could mean that she suffers from the same thing that the Queen does.

No one knew what she was struggling with because the focus was always on her brother because obviously, he is the heir to the throne. The abrupt ending shows that no one knows what anyone is dealing with and to always be kind to everyone. 

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