Where was Look Both Ways filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 17, 2022 (Last updated: last month)

This article discusses “where was the Netflix film Look Both Ways filmed” and does not contain spoilers.

Look Both ways is a sci-fi drama that follows college graduate Natalie and the two incredibly different paths that her life takes. In one universe, she is pregnant and returns to her hometown to raise her new baby, and in another reality, she instead chooses to go to LA to pursue her career.

With two very different locations, it’s going to be interesting to see how director Wanuri Kahiu uses the different settings to convey the different aspects of Natalie’s life.

Where was the Netflix film Look Both Ways filmed?

Austin, Texas, United States

Natalie’s hometown that she returns to in one reality is Texas, and much of the location filming was indeed done in Austin, Texas, and it would appear that some filming was also down in L.A. However it would seem that a lot of location filming and possible reshoots took place in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, Canada

There is a scene in the film that appears to have been filmed at Pacific Coffee Roasters on Robson Street, Vancouver. The still we have shows Natalie seated at her coffee table with another character.

Another still from the movie shows Natalie in a library, and this particular scene was again filmed in Vancouver — this time, the cast is in the Vancouver Public Library,

One more location sprang up in Canada. This time, the scene was staged in Acquafarina, an Italian restaurant that you can find in downtown Vancouver on Georgia St W.

Vancouver has long been used as location filming for LA as there are some real similarities between the two areas. Another reason is, of course, financial. The Canadian Government makes it very easy and less expensive to film in Vancouver. Factors such as the exchange rate allow for production companies to get more bang for their buck in Canada, and that, coupled with the ability of Vancouver to look like other cities, makes this a real plus for film and TV producers to film in.

The film was to be initially called Plus/Minus, so it would seem that a title change and possible reshoots might infer that there were rewrites on the original story leading to the re-shoots done in a cheaper location.

You can watch Look Both Ways on Netflix on August 17th.

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