Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 2 recap – “gruelling training”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 18, 2022
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Episode 2 is a strong leeway for what’s to come as the origin story of Jin Kazama intensifies.

This recap of the Netflix anime series Tekken Bloodline season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

Here are five reasons to watch Tekken: Bloodline.

This is an addictive origin story so far as Jin Kazama builds himself up to be the father he is destined to be. Episode 2 shows the training Jin had to go through at the hands of his brutal grandfather. This is another good chapter. Let’s recap episode 2.

Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Jin in the aftermath of his mother’s death. He looks into the fire and says, “flames.” In the present day, he tells his Heihachi’s assistant that he wants flames on his uniform. The assistant believes this will bring too much attention to him. Heihachi tells the assistant that Jin is a target anyway.

Jin’s training begins; it’s grueling from the start, with Heihachi wanting to teach him the “Mishima” style. He wants to tear Jin down and build him back up, claiming this is the only way to defeat Ogre. In his first lesson, Jin can only use his hands, while Heihachi can use any techniques that he sees fit.

Jin struggles with his hands-only training, and Heihachi tells him they are done for their first day and invites him to a business dinner meeting.

At the business meeting, a man tells Heihachi that they have found an artifact, Chang’s pendant. However, the seller is trying to up the price for the pendant, so Heihachi tells Jin to teach the man a lesson. And so, Jin fights the man who wields a knife and gets him into a submission move. Heihachi tells Jin to “finish him.”

Jin knocks him out unconscious. Heihachi tells Jin that he hesitated and that “hesitation is a weakness.” He explains to Jin that hesitation killed his mother, and he cannot hesitate with Ogre.

Heihachi talks to his assistant about Chang’s pendant. The assistant wonders if the pendant can detect spirits like Ogre. Heihachi explains that the scientists will find out. And then, the assistant raises how many fighters have gone missing recently. Jin is curious about the missing fighters and wonders if they have met the same fate as his mother, but Heihachi tells him to focus on his training.

The training continues, and Heihachi gives Jin permission to use his legs. Jin, once again, struggles against Heihachi, but his determination to continue training is apparent. Heihachi tells Jin that his training will be complete once he can get past him. Jin looks bigger and stronger now as his persistence pays off.

The ending

Four years have passed, and Heihachi explains to Jin that from day 1 of training, he planned to bring back the King of Iron Fist Tournament to lure Ogre to them. But he says it would be useless if Jin cannot beat Ogre or win the tournament. Jin raises his fists to fight Heihachi despite the training finishing.

However, Jin’s training pays off, and he impressively defeats his grandfather Heihachi. He’s ready.

Episode 2 is a strong leeway for what’s to come as the origin story of Jin Kazama intensifies.

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