The Girl in the Mirror season 1 review – a surface-level horror-filled teen drama

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 19, 2022
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The Girl in the Mirror successfully merges horror, thriller, and teen drama.

This review of the Spanish Netflix series The Girl in the Mirror season 1 does not contain spoilers.

In our Five Reasons To Watch article for this release, we discussed how Netflix Spanish series seem to have a way of entertaining. From the extremely popular Money Heist to Elite, Netflix has a habit of snapping up some readily marketable stories that roll off the tongue. The Girl in the Mirror has all the intrigue from the title itself. With an eye-catching conceptual title, viewers will undoubtedly be interested in the thumbnail.

And for good reasons too. The Girl in the Mirror successfully merges horror, thriller, and teen drama. The opening episode seemingly gives a YA story environment for the characters to begin their arc.

And once the story is bedded, viewers are on a journey that feels surprisingly contextual rather than mystery driven; the premise follows a group of high schoolers enjoying a getaway in the mountains. There are plenty of secrets and romances amongst this group of young adults. When they leave the getaway in a coach, they endure a strange accident amongst the foggy mountains. Most of the students die. Alma, one of the young women, survives but loses her memory. She has to regain her identity to remember what truly happened that day, piecing it together with her young acquaintances while unraveling a horror mystery.

In nine chapters, The Girl in the Mirror sends the audience down a path with plenty of junctures. Supernatural elements dawn on the story while the script whittles away at the characters’ personal lives. If you are used to teenage series, then you’ll be accustomed to the overdramatic nature of teenage lives with a “million problems.” Except for this time, the story is rooted in a profound, confusing tragedy in which the viewers and characters must figure out the horror in a co-existed fashion. These are the kind of series Netflix thrive off. Surface-level, horror-filled but with a tinge of mystery.

With good performances from the young cast, and a grey-scale feeling with the editing, The Girl in the Mirror could be a dark horse for August. But is it the next big Spanish series? It’s doubtful, but with themes of the supernatural and a deeply embedded curse that overhangs the story, horror fans will likely see some benefits to watching this over the average viewer.

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