Lost Ollie episode 4 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 24, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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A real feeling of family history, unity, and love comes full circle by the end of the series.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Lost Ollie episode 4, “Home,” the ending explained, contains spoilers.

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I hope you grabbed the tissues for this one. Of course, we expected this to be emotional, but the clever sad twists make the experience a journey for audiences. Let’s recap the finale of Lost Ollie. 

Lost Ollie episode 4 recap – the ending explained

Episode 4 opens up with various flashbacks of Billy and his family, with themes of grief becoming more intense. In the present day, Ollie gets out of the water and finds the road sign that will lead him home.

Ollie finds Billy’s school. Flashbacks show Billy in class, wearing his black suit for his mother’s funeral. A boy on the desk behind him is insulting him. The teacher asks Billy if he’d like to present to the class. The children in the class know his mother has died. Ollie presents his teddy bear Ollie, and the children react jovially to Billy’s imagination.

After class, the bully steals Ollie off Billy, leading to a physical altercation in the corridor. The bully throws Ollie outside. Billy runs outside, but then he remembers his father’s words to “toughen up,” met with the bully’s words of calling him a “baby.” Billy closes the door outside, leaving Ollie. He believes having Ollie makes him a “baby.”

In the present day, Ollie remembers that Billy left him, and he’s distraught. Billy is found near the school by a man from the bar that knows him. Meanwhile, his father looks for him. Billy is taken to the bar, and the bully is there, throwing insults at him again. Billy is suddenly brave, and they both duel with pool cues. Billy whacks the bully in the groin area, defeating him.

And then, his father walks in — Billy is found.

In a flashback, Billy, his father, and Ollie are sleeping. Billy’s mother is in a hospital bed nearby singing. She talks to Ollie and asks him to bring her water. The mother tells Ollie how much he means to her son and the family; she’s worried about what will happen to her family when she’s gone — she doesn’t want them to fall apart. The mother asks Ollie to help them when she’s gone and then whispers in his ears — what she tells him to say to Billy is inaudible at this point.

In the present day, remembering the mother’s words, Ollie vows to return home to Billy. Meanwhile, Billy’s father asks his son to come back home with him; he’s scared to do it alone. He calls his son tough and that, “tough don’t mean you can’t cry.” The father suggests they leave a light on for Ollie.

And then, Ollie returns to what he thinks is home, but it’s covered in overgrowth — the series has not indicated what time periods these characters are in. It’s too late for Ollie. The teddy bear looks around the house and learns that Billy did look for him after he sees old drawings. But then, he sees a young photo of Zozo’s long-lost love, Nina, and the young girl, which spurs a flashback.

The flashback shows a younger Billy with his mother. Billy talks about how they “don’t look the same” because he’s adopted. His mother explains that when Billy was younger, he was alone and needed somebody special — it’s revealed that the mother made Ollie herself. She reveals that the bell (Ollie’s heart) came from one of her toys, Nina, but that she fell apart long ago. Billy’s mother was the young girl in episode 3 that bought Nina, Zozo’s long-lost love.

As Ollie learns about the past, in the present day, Zozo turns up behind him and wants to know what he did to Nina. Ollie has to run away from Zozo, but he’s caught quickly, and Zozo beats him repeatedly.

Ollie tells Zozo that Nina was loved so much that she fell apart. Zozo wails with grief in the pouring rain. Ollie reveals that Billy’s mother couldn’t let Nina go, so she put a piece of her (the bell) inside of him. Ollie offers Zozo the bell. Zozo hugs Ollie and thanks the lord that he met him. He rips the bell out of Ollie, returning to his violent self.

But then Rosy turns up and stabs Zozo from behind. All three toys lay in the rain, lifeless. Zozo and Rosy float away.

The ending

The next day, an older Billy stops his truck, and he sees Ollie on the road nearby with the bell laid next to him. He cannot believe he’s found Ollie many years later. Billy returns home, cleans Ollie, stitches him up, and places the bell back inside him.

Billy has a daughter now- the same girl who met Ollie at the start of the series at the thrift shop. The girl remembers Ollie, and Billy is surprised. Suddenly, the girl sings “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by the Everly Brothers, a song that Billy’s mother used to sing. And then, Billy’s daughter passes her father a message from Ollie that was given to him by his mother in the earlier flashback. She tells Billy not to be bitter or mad with others, and “just because you lose someone doesn’t mean they are gone.”

Billy cries as he holds Ollie before laughing with happiness. He then plays outside with his daughter with Ollie. A real feeling of family history, unity, and love comes full circle by the end of the series.

What did you think of the Netflix limited series Lost Ollie episode 4, “Home,” and the ending? Comment below.

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