Seoul Vibe 2 – will there be a sequel to Seoul Vibe?

August 27, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a Seoul Vibe 2, a sequel to the South Korean Netflix film Seoul Vibe, and will contain spoilers. 

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The new Netflix South Korean film, Seoul Vibe, arrives on the streaming giant with a fair amount of buzz. With the popularity of such films as Okja, The Call, and Carter, along with such smash K-Drama like Squid Game and All of Us Our Dead, the ultra-cool, hip, and retro-style Seoul Vibe has smash hit written all over it.

Seoul Vibe potential sequel release date

On Netflix, Seoul Vibe will be released this Friday, August 26th, 2022.

The streaming giant has yet to announce a second Seoul Vibe film officially or unofficially. Considering the buzz the film has garnered so far; the feverish appetite viewers have for Korean cinema and television now, a sequel is a legitimate option. With a young cast, a series that combines the 80s –The Fast and Furious-The Italian Job vibe, and a young and up-and-coming model, the only question remains: when will they give the green light?

Seoul Vibe sequel cast – who can be in it?

I will tell you who will not be making it back! Director Lee Hyeon-Gyun, Secretary Kim Yoon-Jae, and Prosecutor Ahn. All of them were killed. However, the main cast of Yoo Ah-in, Ko Gyung-Pyo, Lee Kyu-Hyung, Ong Seong-Wu, and Park Ju-Hyun could be back and ready to melt some tires and catch some nasty drifts.

Seoul Vibe Sequel plot – what can Seoul Vibe 2 be about?

Moon So-Ri’ Kang and Baek Hyun-Jin’s The General survive, but one is in jail and the other hides. And since the Sanggye Supreme Team dumped all their money over Seoul, here is the idea. Like Ocean’s Twelve styles, the gangster demands the group pay them their money back or else. Or The General demands they break out Kang and the gang out of prison or else. Can’t you imagine a boxy BMW jumping a ramp with Ms. Kang in the passenger seat and Dong-Wook on the wheel over a prison electrified fence?

Either way, this should be another terrific ride.

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