Fenced In review – a complete waste of time

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 1, 2022


If you need something on in the background, then this Netflix film is the noise you will need.

This review of the Netflix film Fenced In does not contain spoilers or significant plot points.

Now and again, I watch a Netflix film that makes my blood boil. I’m a supporter of Netflix. I don’t read into the noise that they are losing their grip on the streaming market. It seems reasonable that the market settles once more popular streaming services come into the fold, and the addition of big companies was always going to have an effect. However, Netflix does not help themselves when they release bottom-of-the-barrel films like Fenced In. 

The story follows city man Walter (played by Leandro Hassum), who has a nervous breakdown. After advice from his doctor, Walter and his wife trade the city for the peaceful countryside for the sake of his health. However, his ambitions for a calm life are thrown aside when he learns of his extremely loud neighbors.

From here, Fenced In becomes a silly, buffoon-led comedy film that seems to have the maturity of a toddler. Audiences are served gag after gag, as the director decided to opt for chaos over any sense of the story of dialogue.

There is meant to be a meaning behind the film, but it hardly surfaces as a strong theme. Walter is a man who deems himself too incapable of dealing with his stress and victimizes himself, believing that outside noises are his plight. The story is trying to teach the audience a lesson; that we can work on ourselves and find ways to a stress-free life without blaming outside forces.

But to be frank, I am being kind on the theme. Fenced In loses respect from the audience as soon as it bamboozles the characters around their environment. If you need something on in the background, then this Netflix film is the noise you will need.

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