Fakes season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By M.N. Miller
Published: September 2, 2022
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“She said, she said” comes full circle, being told from the perspective of both Zoe and Becca and the night of that infamous party where they both are arrested.

This recap of Netflix’s Fakes season 1, episode 10, “She said, she said,” the ending explained, contains spoilers. 

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The setup for Fakes, a Netflix CBC import, over the first two episodes is from the perspectives of both main characters, Zoe (Emilija Baranac) and Rebecca (Jennifer Tong). The latter is a social influencer; the aforementioned is her best friend, the school nerd. (Apparently, nerds are not as “cool” as they are in the States as they are still being portrayed in Canada — do they not have Big Bang Theory up there?). The show starts with Zoey driving her BFF Rebecca home after getting drunk and going through some family trouble. Rebecca finds the fake library card she made so she could study at the University. While drunk, she asks Zoey to make her a phony identification so she can make her one. However, in Becca’s mind, Zoey initiated charging Becca for a fake ID and starting a business.

Fakes season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

Why? Well, it’s the Zoe-centric episode; she needs the money, which makes sense. Either way, Zoe had the plan in different contexts, and the project was effortless. She downloads an internet search engine that does not show search results from the content farm. Then, search for a template under the word “novelty ID photoshop” and fill in the info and screenshot. Then, any old photo printer will work with a suitable pixel per image (PPI), a PRV PVC tray (under $20 on Amazon), and a stack of PVC cards for pennies on eBay. The point is that the series jumps ahead with Zoey in jail, but Rebecca is a full-fledged social media influencer living her best life.

However, their friend Tryst took what the girls said, selling preorders for 200 fake IDs at 150 dollars a pop. If they don’t make them, 30,000 dollars is owed. (One would think you would refund the money, but Canadians are ruthless like that). The girls don’t want to go to the police for some reason. (I mean, she made one for fun and never used it). Becca’s credit card is revoked for supplies. Then they screw up their only shot at getting out from under this thing.

The girls’ only play is a few junior high kids who tell them to back off their turf. They are producing identification they had no idea was from the late 90s. The girls turn them and help create the 150 in a day, cashing out a massive payday from Tryst. Like Walter White, Zoey doesn’t want to quit and produces a business plan. Tryst accidentally hooks up with an infamous crime boss named Guy and sets him up in his penthouse to print fake IDs.

This brings us to the issue of underlings. Zoe and Rebecca hire one girl each to be their go-betweens to sell fake identifications to students. Rebecca picks Sophie, a likable-looking teen who can blend in and out of all types of cliques and crowds. However, Zoe decides Sally is a bold choice since she is a drama nerd, extremely outgoing, flamboyant, and craves attention. She later loses a bag of the IDs, and when the girls manage to get them back from a police auction, they find the entire batch of fake licenses missing with a note they have been confiscated for an investigation.

This is where we see the rift between Becca and Zoe, and they begin to fall apart. Even after the issue with her lost items being confiscated by the police, Sally is not taking the threat seriously. Most of the episode tries to scare Sally into practicing a script if questioned by the police. But when Becca’s “boss” mom comes home, Becca takes out her frustrations and depression on Sally and Zoe. The best friends tell each other off. All of this, though, has unintended consequences from Zoe’s point of view. She takes charge of her life. Zoe gets their most significant order done with a printer Becca bought without anyone’s help. She stands up to her brother and mother, and when Becca’s boyfriend breaks up with her, she takes charge of her feelings and kisses him, ending their fruitless flirtations.

The ending

Then all hell breaks loose. The police questioned Sally, and her guidance counselor put her in the junior cadet’s program, which she loves. However, the girls freak out because she is becoming a police officer. Tryst has his finger broken, won’t tell the girls how, and kicks them out for not telling him about Sally being arrested. He suspiciously talks to a woman in a suit when they visit him. Zoe and Becca, though, take action and tell Tryst he is no longer needed. He quits and refuses to tell them who he is talking to at their office.

The final episode is from the perspective of both Zoe and Becca and the night of that infamous party where they both are arrested. It turns out the woman with Tryst they met is a police officer, but a dirty one. She moonlights as an enforcer and mole for Guy in the police force. She lets them out of the police car and takes them to see Guy. He makes them an offer of $100,000 and six of those fancy printers. Before Zoe’s jaw hit the floor, they both heard a man behind them gagging and a hood over his head.

It is Tryst, and the bad guys toss everyone out of the limo. It turns out, Tryst called the cops to Guy’s penthouse in an act to protect them. Guy walks over to both girls, holds out a pistol, and asks which one will take care of Tryst. The season then ends.

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