Central Park season 3, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 9, 2022
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Central Park continues to deliver as season three begins with a fun-filled funny episode.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 1, “A Star Is Owen,” contains spoilers.

We have the return of one of the best-animated shows on any streaming platform in Central Park. The animated musical comedy adventure returns with us following our favorite characters in one of the best parks in the world. What happens in the first episode? Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 1 recap

The episode starts with a fun little song that highlights everyone mentioning the show’s return. I loved how they got everyone involved in this because it was like a “hey, welcome back, everyone.”

After our intro, Birdie talks about how spring is full of change, including him breaking down that Mayor Whitebottom had to resign and was replaced by an interim mayor, Mayor Quincy. Owen has been super busy since taking over but hasn’t had much time. However, he is trying to attract more high-profile shoots at the park.

We move inside, where Owen announces that they have Gina Tracker, FBI will be shooting at the park today. Paige and the rest of the family are excited because it is their favorite TV show. The Tillmans will head to the set, but Birdie lets us know that things aren’t going to go as planned.

The Tillmans are getting the tour of the set. First, the man gives them all the details that Gina Tracker will film. Next, he introduces the family to a man who is excited to meet the family. The guy mentions how he is a massive fan of the family, including Paige’s work at the newspaper. So naturally, the kids are overzealous and are trying to get involved on the set.

It’s the raccoon’s lunch (yes, you read that right, ha), and Cole wants to volunteer to eat lunch with them, and the guy tells him that he can help feed them. Then, Molly wants to go inside the makeup trailer, which he tells her she can. Next, he asks Paige what she wants to do, including an exclusive interview with Gina’s sidekick Nicole. Finally, he gets to Owen and wants him to use him as an extra for the show. Owen’s response is as expected, he is EXCITED.

We move to Bitsy, who is getting her feet rubbed, and while she does, she lets the park know that she is coming for it and buying it. Her assistant Helen asks how it will happen without Mayor Whitebottom in her pocket. She explains easy because there is a special election in a few months and will ensure they will be in her pocket.

Owen is ready to rock and roll back on the set, but Nathan (the director we met earlier that loved the family) starts to direct traffic from spreading trash, needles, and dead bodies all over the park. Owen freaks out a little because he doesn’t want them to make a mess of the park. He breaks down how the park has murders. But Owen refutes that, but Nathan tells him this is the Gina Tracker, FBI show, and that, of course, there will be these types of things.

As this is happening, Birdie mentions Helen is struggling extra hard to find someone to back as Mayor. Next, we see her questioning candidate after candidate and not having any luck. Finally, Owen approaches Nathan about how the show isn’t painting the park in a great light. He tries to reassure him that he needs to relax and have a good time with this. Back to Bitsy, who calls Helen, who struggles to find her “puppet.”

And here we are, with our first song break out mid-episode centered around Hellen trying to find a candidate. One thing that continues to impress me about this show as we enter the third season is their ability to write these incredible songs that are HILARIOUS. I love Daveed Diggs as Helen.

On the set of Gina Tracker, FBI, the shoot begins, which shows the raccoon going after the trash while Owen is in the background. At this moment, the raccoon has a moment to stop shooting then we see Owen try to put his two cents in, which Nathan isn’t a fan of. However, Owen continues to try to share his input, and Turrent is FREAKING OUT.

The ending

We see a BIG blow up between Owen and Nathan, and as it is happening, the Mayor arrives on the set. Owen continues to explain how the show could be so much better if they do things a little more in the way he wants. We see Owen try to go into detail with a lovely little song. The funniest thing about this moment, as Owen is singing how amazing the park is, he is holding a head in his hand the entire time.

The song fell on deaf ears as Nathan said, “alright, can we get back to shooting now.” The family offers their support to Owen which he appreciates. Owen knows how much fun they are having on the set, and tells them to stay. Next, Bitsy is upset cause Helen hasn’t found their person yet, but as they watch the news, the interim Mayor is on the TV talking about declining the Met Gala invite.

As the episode closes, Helen suggests that the interim Mayor is their puppet. Next, the interim Mayor chases down Owen to talk to him. He was impressed with Owen’s little song and his passion for the park. The back and forth between the two was much to my delight of Owen. However, Bitsy and Helen look on and see that Owen already has his claws on the interim Mayor. However, Bitsy doesn’t care because she will be sure to make him our puppet.

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